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portable car seat?

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mumbleboo Fri 29-Jun-07 11:34:50

DS is 15months so has a pretty hefty car seat. We're flying to hungary and will be going on 2 privately booked coaches whilst there, for 2 hours each way. I am worried both from the safety point of view and also because DS can't manage 2 minutes never mind 2hours on my lap! Is there any type of inflatable car seat/ foldable one/ seatbelt adjuster for his age range easily available or should i buy a smaller booster as something is better than nothing?

NannyL Fri 29-Jun-07 12:10:07

persoanlly i would just take his car seat.

dont think there are any small / light ones and defintiley no inflatable car seats.

Does he still fit in his group 0 car seat... which go up to 15 months / 13 kg?...

though if the coaches dont have proper seat belts you wont be able to use it anyway

LIZS Fri 29-Jun-07 12:12:18

are you sure Hungarian coaches even have lap belts and that he will be allocated a seat of his own ?

mumbleboo Fri 29-Jun-07 12:19:35

I have no idea about anything hungarian! I am reluctant to go myself tbh but there would be consequences if i didn't! I think his group 0 car seat is probably the best option isn't it. I am hoping for coach seatbelts, but he will definitely have a seat as it's privately booked for all the wedding guests. Thanks for your advice

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