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Legoland Windsor

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wiltingfast Fri 11-Jan-19 12:40:38


I've just booked legoland for a Thurs/Fri in April but I'm a bit confused on how breakfast works.

Booking says buffet breakfast included but I should book. Gives link. I booked but then I noticed I had booked an "a al carte" on one day and "NY brunch" the other day. Went back to try again but there is no option to book buffet?

Have never done legoland before, can someone tell me if

a. there's actually no need to book buffet
b. buffet is booked out (what in JANUARY?) and I'm stuck payiong extra for other options
c. there is no buffet in April as it is low season?

I suppose I am a cynical cow and I want to know if I 'm going to be charged extra for breakfast even though it is supposed to be "included"?

Many thanks. Wf

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