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First Timer looking for Honeymoon Help

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LittleBlonde27 Fri 11-Jan-19 10:43:31

Myself and my DP are getting married in May 2020 and would like to go on a cruise for our honeymoon.. Our problem is that there seems to be so much choice and so much information that we're finding it really difficult to know which cruise is best for us.

Would any experienced cruisers be able to offer opinions?

We think we'd like to spend a couple of nights in Miami (or similar) before boarding the ship and we'd like to cruise the Caribbean for one week.

We aren't big relaxers so want a ship that has plenty to keep us occupied. My DP drinks, I don't, we'll be 29 & 35 at the time and we'd like to go end of May/beginning of June at the latest.

Any help/opinions/tips would be gratefully received!

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00kitty Fri 11-Jan-19 10:56:21

We are non cruisers but debating as to whether to do one I found when looking that the Hurtigurten cruises would be (I felt) most suited to us as unique stops and not as big whereas p and o ones would be less cultural with main stop offs - might be worth a look they have some really unique cruise destinations

budgiegirl Fri 11-Jan-19 21:14:14

Have a look at Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, especially the larger ships if you like lots to do. Both are relaxed , informal and there’s lots to do,

ElyElyOy Tue 15-Jan-19 04:00:04

If you want to get out and about I would recommend a European Cruise: I found some of the Caribbean stops a bit boring (unless you like beaches, rum tasting and zip lining...). The Med offers the best of both worlds (sun and beaches and culture - especially the Italian/Croatian stops. The Baltic is very good for culture (St Petersburg etc) but not really beaches and the weather won’t be as good.

If you want to do America you could try New York, down to Florida, a few islands and then back to Miami/NYC: Norwegian Cruise Lines do an itinerary like that. They are quite young and vibrant and have a very relaxed feeling.

Royal Caribbean is slightly more formal but still loads of activities on board and lively. Carnival is a party line! Celebrity and Princess are slightly older. All of them are quite American, P&O are very British.

Lines like Hurtiguten offer a very different experience: older, focussed on ports, less entertainment. It’s not something I would think about doing unless you wanted to go somewhere niche like the Arctic!

If you decide to go Caribbean ports and want trips/culture you should be able to get a flavour of what’s in port by looking at the cruising excursions website.

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