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Any techy's out there able to advise a technophobe? Downloading films help required

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TenaLady Thu 28-Jun-07 20:56:35

I have managed to download a film on to my computer, I then ask it to burn on to a dvd, I think I have completed it but it doesnt seem to work in any of my three dvd players. What did I do wrong? Surely it cant be all dvd players at fault. Very frustrated and need simple advice/instruction Pleeeeeeeease

lucylala Thu 28-Jun-07 21:32:14

this isn't a criticism but this is a general advice thread for travel subjects - if you post your question on the geeky stuff thread I bet someone will answer!

TenaLady Thu 28-Jun-07 21:39:49

I missed the travel bit!!!! I should of stuck to my usual chat option!

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