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liquids on a flight

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sarahpea Thu 28-Jun-07 19:57:47

if i've read it right... i need to put all liquids i'm taking on board for my baby in a clear plastic bag with a zip...where do i get these from?

NikkiBFG Thu 28-Jun-07 19:59:13

When we went abroad in April, they had bags at the airport that they give you - phone up and make sure they are still doing that. If not, you can get ziplock bags from stationery stores


PandaG Thu 28-Jun-07 19:59:38

resealable sandwich bag from the supermarket? Think that is the kind of thing meant, buy in packs of 25/30, have a slider zip type thing at the top? HTH

bookwormmum Thu 28-Jun-07 20:17:23

Most airports give them out free at security or they'll sell them in WHSmiths for about 20p at the airport.

NannyL Fri 29-Jun-07 10:17:56

btw i had my own clear pencil case... it was completely clear...

and it fitted in the clear bag they were giving out.... however i had to put it in the clear bag they were giving out.... even though you could still see it all and it fitted in

that was back in february but i wouldnt bother buying anything because they may well ask you to move all your bits inot their official clear plastic bag anyway

bookwormmum Fri 29-Jun-07 10:45:17

I paid £1 for 4 bags from a machine downstairs at Luton airport the other week only to find that security were giving away the same bags free of charge upstairs . I only wanted one bag for myself - my dp doesn't carry liquids of any description through security. Still, I've got the spare bags ready for my next trip now .

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