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Train travel with 6.5mo in UK

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sweetjane Thu 28-Jun-07 19:51:30

Planning a long-ish train journey on my own with a 6.5mo, any tips? Not sure what to carry him in. He can't sit up by himself yet. Do I take a pushchair for him to sit in on the journey and can you get one on a train - it's a big heavy travel system type so not the sort you can easily fold away, and he will get sick of sitting on my knee anyway and will need somewhere to sleep. Or carry him in a sling (could get tiring). Am being met at the other end by friends who have a car seat so that's not an issue. Any advice??

pigleto Thu 28-Jun-07 20:25:07

He should be fine in his travel system. That's how I always did it anyway. I used to park it in the wheelchair slot if that was empty.

grannyslippers Thu 05-Jul-07 15:44:55

I did a long trip on Virgin trains with my toddlers. The worst thing that the wheelchair spaces were non-existent, and the folded pushchair would not fit into any luggage space. The train staff might get shirty about anyone blocking a wheelchair space (jobsworths) BUT you may not have that problem.

With a little one I'd go for sling and lap, maybe make a "nest" for him from blankets and coats on the seat next to you. (Kind passengers did give up a seat for my little one). I did not find sling tiring for such a little baby.

Also use family railcard - you will probably get cheaper fare overall and you can book the seat next to you for your little one.HTH

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