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Family cycling holiday recommendations

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zeebee Sat 05-Jan-19 13:04:36

Could anyone recommend any companies or places to go for a family cycling holiday please? I’ve looked at Saddle Skeddadle and they have trips which appeal eg Austria, Bavaria, Slovenia and Spain but it seems expensive.

Ideally looking at no more than 20-25 miles a day max, some days a bit less, not too arduous but not completely flat either as that would be a bit dull. Thinking about doing this for a week and chilling out somewhere for a week. Swimming opposrtunities are a must!

We could drive to certain parts of Europe which would help with bike hire costs. Kids are berween 16-8 and all reasonable cyclists.

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Frenchfamille Tue 08-Jan-19 22:28:04

We are big big cyclists. We live in France because of the cycling so I feel I'm qualified to tell our experiences in France at least!
We've never done holiday companies. They've always looked quite expensive. Instead we would take bikes. That may not be what you're after?
Road or mountain bikes? We spend lots of time in the Pyrenees cycling near Bagneres de Bigorre. You have thé mountains nearby, and they are obviously a challenge but you need to be reasonably good cyclists.
For mountain biking it's great. There is a club which specialises in this and many routes to go on.
We like Bagneres de Bigorre because there's a lot to do as well as cycling. Outdoors randonnées and nice walks, the town has a great spa with heated pools and saunas etc for all family to relax in after a day in the saddle!
We actually rent out our town house which is two mins walk to the town too. I can send a link if you would like any more Info.

But also the other place I'd recommend is anywhere in Brittany, France. That's where we live and the cycling is brilliant. All our kids cycle - 17 to 5. The roads are quiet and you can really build up some confidence on the roads if using road bikes and off road if on mountain bikes. I have a good friend who hires out some bikes at her gite. Unfortunately she's booked I think for 90 percent of the year as it's such a great location (this is South Brittany near VANNES) but I can always send you a link for there in case you are Interested.

Basically, cycling in France is great! Enjoy it! It can be a really reasonable priced holiday if you separate by finding a Gite, doing a crossing over etc. Self catering etc.

Didsomeonesaybunny Tue 08-Jan-19 22:33:34

I’ve been with freedom treks and intrepid travel. I enjoyed both but given the distance try freedom treks - they have lots of options and you can modify the difficulty.

My last cycling holiday we cycled around 50 miles a day and that was deemed to be moderate. They are pretty reasonable too. The accommodation is decent (you can opt for the star rating) and they carry your luggage each day to the next destination. Freedom does self tour or there’s an option for a guided tour.

I’m so jealous!

wobbleinprogress Wed 09-Jan-19 19:22:19

Recommended Sierra Cycling near Malaga

zeebee Fri 11-Jan-19 15:33:33

Thanks everyone. That’s all given me even more to think about. Lots of things I hadn’t considered so it’s really useful. There are 6 of us -should’ve said - so costs of flights/bike hire etc is quite a big part of the decision making, or whether we drive somewhere and take 4 bikes with us.

Maybe rather than a touring holiday, we should base ourselves somewhere and try different types of cycling eg longer distances and mountain. Mountain biking has gone down well in the past and we have a confirmed roadie and possibly another by then.

Frenchfamilie any info would be great thanks. I don’t know that area at all. We definitely don’t need to be active all the time, in fact definitely quite a few relaxing by a pool days! It may be a bit far to drive from the UK though.

wobbleinprogress that sounds really interesting and maybe easier to link with a week sunning ourselves too.

didsomeonesay will look into those companies, thanks for the recommendation.

Any other advice warmly welcomed. I’m obviously a complete novice!

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