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Campsite - Teens/Sports/Great Waterslides

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bitofabelly Thu 03-Jan-19 21:19:46

Hi all, looking for a campsite for 2 adults and 3 boys who will be 15, 12 and 10- love soccer, basketball etc. Would love a campsite with a soccer academy, really good waterslides (have stayed in La Sirene before- this level or more for waterslides) - considering France or Spain. Just looking for somewhere that the boys can be really active.
Many thanks

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 04-Jan-19 17:15:01

This might be the kind of place you're after

Amazonian27 Sun 06-Jan-19 13:23:34


bitofabelly Sun 06-Jan-19 14:43:21

Thanks looks good, but the mosquitoes are off putting!! 😩😩 I know we can't have it all 😂

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Amazonian27 Sun 06-Jan-19 20:14:59

This sounds fab @Ricekrispie22 although looks very hectic. What was the site like and what type of accommodation did you stay in and what was that like please? Also did you book direct, was their a mix of nationalities and could you manage without a car or did you hire a car or have your own? Thanks

Ricekrispie22 Mon 07-Jan-19 05:44:25

We found the campsite really clean and the staff were very professional. I was expecting the food in the restaurant to be microwaved pizza and chips but was pleasantly surprised. And it was reasonably priced too. The shop was well stocked and they had thought of everything - it even had fresh sea food and ready meals..... and amazing gelato!
We stayed in an Art style bungalow which is one of the smarter ones. The comfort bungalows are also quite nice.
This review basically sums up travelling without your own car.
We never had a problem with mosquitoes.

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