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would you go on 3 day cruise to santender(sp)?

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moljam Wed 27-Jun-07 20:38:06

its being advertised cheap(£59 per person) and we have bugger all money for holiday this year so am thinking about it but not sure if it would be hell!children are 7,6 and 18 months

moljam Wed 27-Jun-07 20:39:12

i've spelt that badly havent i!

Tutter Wed 27-Jun-07 20:40:17

tis santander, btw

i wouldn't, tbh - being on a boat (and it won't be a cruise liner i'd wager) with kids not my idea of fun

newlifenewname Wed 27-Jun-07 20:44:37

No. Santander is a bastard to travel to apparently. My Aunt has done it a few times and said it was a grim journey. It's just a 'crossing' journey isn't it, like Calais to Caen. Maybe Santander itself redeems the whole idea but doesn't sound like much fun to me.

Fly to somewhere nice in France and stay in one of the nicer motels!

roisin Wed 27-Jun-07 20:44:39

Have you got a link to the advert?

Is your food all included in the price?

I might try this sort of thing tbh, but I wouldn't have when my kids were that age: they would have driven all the other passengers nuts.

newlifenewname Wed 27-Jun-07 20:45:03

Imean Dover to Calais or Portsomuth to Caen.

moljam Wed 27-Jun-07 20:46:26

no link.

roisin Wed 27-Jun-07 21:04:46

Sorry, can I retract my earlier statement. I've just looked at some info online, and it looks pretty grim to me.

moljam Wed 27-Jun-07 21:06:41

really!on why?i havent really looked into it,where did you look.

Leslaki Fri 29-Jun-07 21:19:25

Bay of Biscay - no thanks!!! It's known as one of the roughest crossings!!! The 3 day cruises to Norway etc or even to The Netherlands would be better and you can get them for the same price but it's a passengert ferry not a cruise liner. Phone round the camping companies and you cxan get great deals last minute. One family we ment 1 year got a week in atent (electrcty, proper beds, fridge etc so not basic level) for £150 the last week of the summer hols cos they booked last minute. There are deals out hthere if you trawl!! But I'd avoid the Bay of Biscay, it's well known for sea sickenss!! Having swum in it just off a beach I'd agree that the toides are vvvvv strong!

ChippyMinton Sat 30-Jun-07 21:17:27

Definately not, as leslaki said, it's rough!

flibbertyjibbet Sat 30-Jun-07 21:35:27

I did this once but only one way, I got off at Santander to visit rellies. So I was only on the ferry for two nights and a full day. It was boring, boring boring. Its not a cruise, its a glorified car ferry. You set off one evening and get to Santander 36 or so hours later, have a few hours in Santander, the port being a couple of miles from the town, then set off and get back 24 hours later. Don't do it. Food won't be included in the price, thats where they make the money on the ticket. And you can't even get duty free anymore to make it worth your while. There were activities, like a quiz night and some stuff for the kids, but mostly people just wandered around looking bored.

cktwo Sun 01-Jul-07 13:34:17

I too have had a similar experience and these sailings. NEVER ever again.
It is not a cruise, the food is awful, theres nowhere to go and nothing to do. And this was when we didn't have kids!
The thought of taking my two kids on that sailing terrifies me.
Quite frankly I'd rather get a cheap flight somewhere that takes 2hours to get to or stay in Britain.

LadyTophamHatt Sun 01-Jul-07 13:36:59

I 've done it, pre kids though. and the bilbao crossing too.

Both hell.

LadyTophamHatt Sun 01-Jul-07 13:38:58

I thought I would die from sea sickness.

I had to get special sickness drugs from the doc on baord to knock me out.

really don't do it, especially not with kids.

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