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Please help me entertain two pre-schoolers and two elderly ladies this weekend in London in the "heavy rain"

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morningpaper Wed 27-Jun-07 20:10:09

I have a longstanding weekend in London with two pre-schoolers and two elderly ladies.


What on EARTH can I do which will keep us (a) vaguely entertained and (b) reasonably dry?

Kewcumber Wed 27-Jun-07 20:11:45

oh blimey if it weren;t for the rain I'd suggest Kew gardens - climbers and creppers for kids, general admiring of flowers for old ladies and a little train trip around te grounds for all.


MintyDixCharrington Wed 27-Jun-07 20:14:37

bottom of the science museum
heaven for preschoolers
jolly educational and nice for old ladies
also good cafe
bobs your uncle

SomethingIncrediblyWitty Wed 27-Jun-07 20:15:18

Lock ladies in cupboard under stairs and splash in puddles with kids. hehehe. evil

MintyDixCharrington Wed 27-Jun-07 20:15:41

also in s kensington which is v old lady friendly

you could then get in a taxi and go somewhere Lovely for Lunch or Tea

Pennies Wed 27-Jun-07 20:17:39

The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green - kids will love it and the old ladies will enjoy the trip down memory lane as they view the toys they used to play with! Then if the weather plays ball you can get a wee breath of fresh air at Victoria Park which has a great play area.

morningpaper Wed 27-Jun-07 20:18:00

hmm Science Museum DOES look good

Is it really FREE?

Where is Nice in S Ken for Nice Lunch?

MintyDixCharrington Wed 27-Jun-07 20:24:36

free as a bird

well in south ken there is a carluccios which is cheapish and cheerful and pasta and also nice light italian things which is a Good Thing for Old Ladies. And walkable obviously.

Or get in a cab to the park end of Ken High Street to Wagamamas if the Old Ladies fancy a change and something Fun that won't frighten the horses (and v kid friendly)

Or brave Harrods (no, I wouldn't do that)

MintyDixCharrington Wed 27-Jun-07 20:25:06

or you could pop across the road to my mum

morningpaper Wed 27-Jun-07 20:25:47

Minty you are GOOD

Bethnal Green is excellent idea but we will be in North West London so is too far to drag everyone, unfortunately

morningpaper Wed 27-Jun-07 20:25:59

How IS your mother?

MintyDixCharrington Wed 27-Jun-07 20:29:30

bethnal green scares even me
old ladies are At Home in South Kensington

She's fine thanks. Look up and wave as you go past!

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