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Where would you go?

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pancakes22 Thu 27-Dec-18 14:58:32

Where would you go for a long weekend to relax and get some sun from the UK in Feb/March?

Finding it tricky to find somewhere warm at that time of year without a really long flight which probably isn't suitable just for a 3 night stay?

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Frosty66611 Thu 27-Dec-18 15:00:58

I’ve been to Tenerife in March and it was warm. Needed a warm jumper in the evenings though but the day time temp was around 24 degrees

OrcinusOrca Thu 27-Dec-18 15:03:32

I would like to know this too! Funnily enough someone also said Tenerife to me...

E20mom Thu 27-Dec-18 15:10:26

I'd also say Tenerife

wherethekestrelscall Thu 27-Dec-18 15:28:44

Depends what you want to do while you're there. Madeira would be warm, there's not masses to do but it's got beautiful countryside and you could happily fill a couple of days in Funchal doing cultural stuff. North Africa is possible, maybe a city break to Marrakech or Carthage or somewhere. Or there's the southern European cities like Seville and Lisbon and Athens, but February is probably a bit too early for reliable warmth - late March is probably OK.

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