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London, evening, 16 year old

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ElizabethinherGermanGarden Thu 27-Dec-18 10:03:40

Recommendations for somewhere teen-friendly for after a show on Southbank please! We are doing posh lunch (my choice) and then Circus 1903 (dad's choice) and need an aim for post-matinee show (5.30-8ish) before we go home that will be a bit more relaxed and teen-friendly. She's easy-going and lovely and will probably need feeding, somewhere relaxed. Can anyone recommend? We usually wander aimlessly until we are knackered and ravenous so it would be great to have a plan. Thanks in advance.

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bionicnemonic Thu 27-Dec-18 10:18:45

Bit confused if you’re looking for somewhere to eat? In which case I’d suggest South Bank Waggamama which is lively.
Or if you’re looking for a quick show to go to in which case I’d suggest the Tate Modern time exhibition (free) about 15 minutes walk from Royal Festival Hall, you could look around the craft shops at the OXO tower as well in your way.
Or go over the bridge and walk to Covent Garden to look at the stalls (and/or shops in Seven Dials) Have fun!

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Thu 27-Dec-18 10:31:16

Bit of both, really. All those suggestions sound great, thank you.

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redyawn Thu 27-Dec-18 10:33:55

Depends how much you want to spend and what you like.

Pizza Express by globe theatre overlooks the Thames and nearly always has voucher codes. The Swan at the Globe Theatre is posh and excellent and also overlooks
The river. There are a number of good restaurants in the National Theatre.

There's a branch of Tas (Turkish) within easy striking distance of the South Bank. Great chips, kebabs, salads etc.

I could go on...... but it would help to have more of an idea of what you want.

Does any of that help?

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Thu 27-Dec-18 18:10:50

Ooh, I love Tas. But - curses! - I have had my choice at lunchtime. I think she would prefer wagamamas, to be honest. Great ideas, though. Might be worth heading sown towards the Globe for a while.

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 28-Dec-18 11:17:56

Bloomsbury Lanes

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