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Where to go next christmas that is christmassy - New york?

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Humphriescushion Wed 26-Dec-18 08:04:28

Gong to be one of those very unclear post since not sure what I want really - think i want a fictious christmas destination.

Adult daughters (24 and26) would like to go away next year ( and me!)
They are keen on New York - this would possibly be doable but I am not sure if it will be christmassy enough for me. I would like somewhere like the town in white christmas with bing crosby singing to me and i am wrapped in a fur ( fakegrin ) with clean fluffy snow - no slush, easy to get to, no driving, not a ski destination I dont think, warm cosy pubs with lovely christmas dinners, with people not too crowded, sleigh rides and twinkly lights. This is my fantasy obviously so will I like New York? What about Boston? Cape code? ( friend told me this was fab)

Needs to be only one flight since will probably only have about 4/5 days. Don' t think I want Europe since am a bit christmas market done out. So think New York or that side of america or even somewhere very christmassy in uk but dont think my daughters would be mad keen on that so may leave that until they are not with us.

Sorry for not being very clear. Any suggestions welcome.

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PeridotCricket Wed 26-Dec-18 08:19:18

I went to Tallinn in December one year. It was great food, lights and lovely bars.

V different from New York thoughL

Go to New York.

Humphriescushion Wed 26-Dec-18 08:44:52

Thanks Period, will look at Tallin but maybe for when it is just dh and me.

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Humphriescushion Wed 26-Dec-18 13:19:35

Bumpity bump

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chemenger Thu 27-Dec-18 13:17:48

I don’t think Boston fits the bill. No snow there at the moment, and not really a hugely Christmassy feel, IMO. I’m not sure about Cape Cod - Christmas as the seaside in the cold doesn’t sound like what you are looking for. Maybe something in the mountains would be better.

chemenger Thu 27-Dec-18 13:20:46

Just to add we were in Provincetown on Cape Cod in October and a lot of restaurants and bars were shutting for the season, so it you would need to check what was open before choosing where to stay.

Armchairanarchist Thu 27-Dec-18 13:21:28

DS is currently in NY for Christmas and New Uear. He's having a fabulous time but said Christmas Day didnt feel right and wasn't Christmassy. He would go back at any other time but not for the actual day.

Whatcanisayexceptyourewelcome Thu 27-Dec-18 13:28:38

Not what you've asked for at all but I went to Venice for christmas a few years ago and it was an amazing time to be in Venice because it wasn't busy. Churches open etc for xmas music, aperol spritz in little bars, cheese and meats in cosy airbnb, atmospheric walks. Cold but bright. Highly recommend

bellinibobble Thu 27-Dec-18 13:39:29

Nowhere is more Christmassy than New York!

I have also done Munich, Budapest, Prague, and Copenhagen at Christmas and would recommend all of them. Planning on Tallinn next year.

Iceland in December last year is the best one I’ve ever done though.

Humphriescushion Thu 27-Dec-18 13:54:32

Oh ok chem thanks for that, will knock boston off list.

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Humphriescushion Thu 27-Dec-18 13:55:19

Will look at iceland bellini is on our to do list.

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AnotherDIYSunday Thu 27-Dec-18 14:50:36

A friend is currently in Aspen and from the pics he has sent us, everything looks ridiculously Christmassy, pretty much like the set of Christmas movie.

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