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Gatwick Airport hotels

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magpumpkin Tue 26-Jun-07 12:39:54

Has anyone used a Gatwick hotel for a early departure? If so which one?. We have already arranged for a meet & greet valet service for parking so just need a hotel for overnight. Any discount coeds would be appreciated also.

spudz Tue 26-Jun-07 14:33:43

We stayed at Premier Travel Inn (Gatwick Airport South) last year . Mon - Thurs is £61 per room, Fri to Sun was £54. Up to 2 children in one room. Was fine for what we needed and v.close to airport (but not that you'd hear!). Sorry no other suggestions or discounts but no doubt somebody out there will have.....

DEE7479551 Wed 27-Jun-07 21:31:38

The Gatwick Hilton in the south terminal can be good value for a family room if you book ahead with a non flexible rate. Last minute it's expensive.

LIZS Wed 27-Jun-07 21:34:55

There's a Travel Inn by North Terminal, an Ibis a couple of miles south of the airport on A23, Holiday Inn at Hookwood, just off A23 ... take your pick. Do you drop the car the night before or on the day ?

MizZan Thu 28-Jun-07 21:49:50

exactly what I am looking for too. Anybody have recommendations for ones that do v. large family rooms (2 kids, 19 mos and 5.5 yrs) or interconnecting rooms, are reasonable, and have good/frequent transfers to the airport. we will not be parking so need to make sure we don't end up waiting 40 mins for a minivan to come get us after a long flight...

discount codes or suggestions of best discounting websites for this much appreciated!

liquoriceallsorts Thu 28-Jun-07 21:53:11

The travel inn does family rooms - 2 adults and 2 kids. Room rate doesn't include breakfast which is pretty pricey but you can always eat at the airport or if you like it theres a Mc Ds round the corner!

LIZS Thu 28-Jun-07 21:54:07

many fo the htoels use a ciommunal bus on a cirnuclar route- tkaes ahwiel and not that frequent. Hilton is adjacent to South terminal, TravelInn a walk outside from North. Others rely on bus or own minbus.

Ladymuck Thu 28-Jun-07 21:55:16

Hilton is good and includes free parking so would opt for that in preference to meet n greet. We got a decent size family room for 4 of us, and you literally walk into the South (I think) Terminal. Dead easy.

LIZS Thu 28-Jun-07 21:57:25

oops spelling gone to pot sorry !
"many of the hotels use a communal bus on a circular route- takes a while and not that frequent." Also not free btw.

MizZan Thu 28-Jun-07 22:02:10

hilton all booked on the night we need it. what would be a good second choice that would be the simplest to get to from south terminal? I guess nothing else is walking distance from there?

onlyWotzadodar Thu 28-Jun-07 22:04:08

Sofitel London Gatwick, North Terminal.
1 minute walk to the North Terminal via covered walkway. Free 24 hours monorailserves the South Terminal.

MizZan Thu 28-Jun-07 22:14:35

thank you and sorry for hijack!

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