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Keep stressing that we will travel 600 miles by car to South of France only to discover that there is no villa. Check out this website for me - does it look 'legit' to you?

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handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:02:42

We have already paid the deposit and are about to pay the balance in full. Am probably being completely ridiculous and OTT but I can not seem to shake niggling doubt that we well travel 600 miles by car with 2 small children only to find that we have been done.

Am I being ridiculous? What are you impressions of the website, does it look okay to you?

There is certainly a lot of detail on it...which is reassuring is it not?. But it seems to be run by a one man band (he is the only guy who answers the phone)

That in itself is not cause for suspiscion is it? Is it?

Also there is no hard copy brochure of properties (is that an issue?)

FluffyMummy123 Mon 25-Jun-07 19:06:40

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Mon 25-Jun-07 19:06:56

Message withdrawn

NoNoNoNo Mon 25-Jun-07 19:09:25

It all looks OK, but googling doesn't really shed any light on the company.

Which property interests you? Try googling it separately, maybe?

aznerak Mon 25-Jun-07 19:12:39

When you booked, did you book direct with the owner or with this company?
Have you received any more information about the villa than what is actually stated on the website?

I rent out my parents villa in the south of France (we have a small ad on here) but we don't do any rentals via a middle man - every rental comes via me and I handle each and every enquiry and rental personally. As such, anyone who looks at our website will only deal with me, but then that is via a private website as opposed to a commercial management website.

We have always rented direct from owners in the past and it is always a bit unnerving when you are about to pay the balance over to a total stranger. I provide my address, bank details and home phone number to all of our guests for reassurance. What actual info do you have?

Sorry I can't be much more help - I really hope it is all fine, I am sure it will be but I really understand your concerns as there are conmen out there.

Good luck x x x

Aloha Mon 25-Jun-07 19:13:54

Looks fine to me. Would not even occur to me that the villa would not exist tbh!

aznerak Mon 25-Jun-07 19:15:54

Incidentally, I was quite shocked in the Terms and Conditions to see they request 50% up front as a deposit. Seems a lot especially as the rental prices themselves are very high.

Frizbe Mon 25-Jun-07 19:16:11

can't see any ABTA/ATOL thing on it? just remember an article I read about a woman who'd set up her co, but said ABTA/ATOL was a requirement to be taken seriously too, so she spent a fortune getting approved to re-assure people, might be worth asking if they have it, for coverage, before exchaning any more cash?

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:21:41

We are driving oh Codly one because we want to be able to travel around freely whilst we are there. We are hoping that the kids will sleep for some of it, watch DVDs (and also stuff themselves silly on chocolate ). Will split driving over 2 days with an overnight stop off.

No we can't book directly with the owners aznerak, we did it through the guy who runs 'luxurybreaks'. We have paid deposit but don't apparently get full booking information including precise address of villa and arrangements for getting key etc until final balance is paid (imminent) 6 weeks prior to departure....(we know which one it is and have property code - ours is near Cannes)Does that sound okay?

We did get deposit confirmation paperwork through though.

Hopefully I am just a deeply suspiscious person and have no real grounds for not being trusting!

FluffyMummy123 Mon 25-Jun-07 19:22:00

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Mon 25-Jun-07 19:22:08

Message withdrawn

Aloha Mon 25-Jun-07 19:22:12

Get a cheap flight and hire a car, you loons! Twill be nightmare otherwise!

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:26:23

They have apparently been validated by '' if that is worth anything? (see under 'About Us')

I'm not worried about loosing money - we booked on Black card and they will doubtless cover if we are victims of fraud. I'm just stressed that if we get there and it is a fraud, we won't just be able to book into an hotel as an alternative because everything will be booked solid in high season. And then where will we stay? We couldn't just turn around and drive 600 miles back again. The kids would be hysterical.

Am half inclined to pack our tent in the boot of the car just in case.

Am I being ridiculous?

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:27:01

Do you know - perhaps we should fly and then hire.....ummmm

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:28:53

Then if worse comes to worse, at least we've only travelled for an hour or so by plane

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:29:44

Can't take as much paraphernalia if we fly ..but on balance I guess that doesn't matter too much

FluffyMummy123 Mon 25-Jun-07 19:31:14

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:31:44

feel stoopid

Wotznotreallyhere Mon 25-Jun-07 19:42:44

No- you have zero protection, They act as the agent but have not Financial Protection for the money you have spent.

Do you have a reciept, or contract given to you>

50% upfront should sound alarm bells.

handlemecarefully Mon 25-Jun-07 19:47:37

Yes but this is Black card Wotznot - believe me they would cover this.

aznerak Mon 25-Jun-07 19:48:30

Driving down is fine. We do it several times a year with 2 LOs. Especially if you are breaking it up with an overnight stop. The drive will be no probs. And you don't have the worry of dodgy carseats, losing luggage, damaging pushchairs and carseats (if you take your own) etc

Wotznotreallyhere Mon 25-Jun-07 19:49:38

handlemecarefully what do you mean?

Aloha Mon 25-Jun-07 19:50:08

I think you are being a tad hysterical, tbh. The website has the owner's address in cornwall. It all looks legit to me! not to mention absolutely lovely.

I'd still fly though!

Wotznotreallyhere Mon 25-Jun-07 19:51:30

So being in cornwall makes it OK?

Aloha Mon 25-Jun-07 19:52:42

I have booked lots of places over the internet and they have always been exactly where they said they would be
Don't let group hysteria grip you! Have a lovely holiday!

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