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Where would you take a 10 mth old in October?

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Caz10 Sat 23-Jun-07 16:21:13

I'm a teacher so bound by school holidays, booo. LO will be 10 mths next October - and I'll be desparate for a holiday by then! - and I thought it would be good to get away before s/he starts walking properly!
1st child, we've always avoided places that suited young children before now to be honest. I fancy somewhere in Europe so shortish flights and not too hot for LO by then.
Could anyone recommend any resorts?
Thank you!

mummylin2495 Sat 23-Jun-07 16:30:27

how about a trip to majorca ? if you went to Palma Nova there are lots to do that yout little one may be interested in eg dolphin show,parrot show and different animals to see ( all in the same place "Marineland " ) the weather is lovely and warm still in the day but gets chilly at night.There are childrens swings dotted all around the resort too.There is also a water themed park where you could go.Then you could also go on the local train up into a place called Soller which is a lovely little place.Can you tell i love Majorca

tiredemma Sat 23-Jun-07 16:31:58


My fave place.
Very family friendly.

Caz10 Sat 23-Jun-07 16:33:38

I LOVE Majorca - we were in Puerto Soller last year mummylin, we stayed a week, it's gorgeous! Think it would be warm enough in Oct? I had thought we might need to go further afield to get the heat!

cardy Sat 23-Jun-07 16:34:03

I've just come back from - Majorca, love it!
How about The caneries for warmer weather?

LIZS Sat 23-Jun-07 16:37:40

Agree Majorca would be lovely but be aware that some of the outdoor attractions like the waterparks shut down around early/mid October. Still warm and sunny but might be worth picking one with an indoor or covered pool. We stayed last time near Alcudia (Playa da Muro) which has a great long , unbusy, sandy beach and found it less windy than the west coast

cardy Sat 23-Jun-07 16:39:09

Cyprus will still be warm in October....nice and easy with a baby.

mummylin2495 Sat 23-Jun-07 16:44:14

the attractions close on 31 st october. You could go to the canaries but of course its twice as long to fly there ,but i love gran canaria too ! but first place for me is Majorca !

mummylin2495 Sat 23-Jun-07 16:46:51

there is also the great fantasy golf course which although not for little ones is grat for adults.It is so beauiful it puts our crazy golf courses to shame.That also is in Palma Nova

Caz10 Sat 23-Jun-07 17:27:54

I have to say I am not all that keen on waterparks etc so quite happy if they are all closed! I really want to go somewhere quite quiet and still as "adulty" as possible! Cyprus is tempting, hadn't thought of that!

Oh and another question - self catering or hotel??!

mummylin2495 Sat 23-Jun-07 22:58:02

well for myself i would never want to cook but maybe with a little one i would be easier for you,its a matter of personal choice really.please let us know where you decide.I went to Cyprus but went to paphos and there didnt seem to be a lot for children there.Maybe different in another resort

Chipstick Sun 24-Jun-07 19:35:41

Been to Majorca twice in October and have to say weather not that fantastic. Would opt for the other recommendations - we took our 9mth old to Turkey in October, a place called Lykia World - it was fab and weather glorious.

herbgarden Sun 24-Jun-07 19:55:02

Not sure what your budget is but we went to the Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote November last year and it was fab (went with Thomson) - it's in a nice part of the island and I wasn't keen on going to Lanzarote - we'd been to Tenerife and hated it. You go on a B & B basis - all rooms have a microwave and fridge and sink area (I think) so the heating of food/bottles is dead easy. The room we had had a lounge area and it's nice and dark so you don't have to have them in the room with you if you don't want to.
The restaurants are a walk away - we didn't eat in the hotel - but ds was only 5 months and he would sleep in his buggy whilst we ate at night...10 months might be a different kettle of fish. If Princesa Yaiza not quite what you're after, that area was nice and the weather was lovely in November. Lanzarote has a reputation for windy weather, but we were pretty sheltered.
Hope you find somewhere suitable !

Smurfgirl Sun 24-Jun-07 19:56:08

Nissi Beach is nice in Cyprus

pornstarswife Sun 24-Jun-07 19:57:55

center parks!

fennel Sun 24-Jun-07 19:58:36

Definitely make the most of going somewhere adult-oriented while your baby is this age. There will be enough years of the dreaded family friendly holiday ahead. Babies this age go anywhere and don't need theme parks.

Caz10 Mon 25-Jun-07 20:56:19

My hopes exactly fennel! i think the attraction of that part of Majorca is that we know it, so one less challenge involved in the "holidaying with 1st baby" adventure! Take the point re the weather though...hmmm..chipstick would you say it was cold? Or just not sunbathing weather? Shorts & t-shirts?!

Skribble Mon 25-Jun-07 22:08:45

I was going to say go somewhere to suit yourself too. Plenty holidays ahead whcih will be dedicated to keeping the little one amused for now they won't need activities etc so suityourself and get a good buggy or carrier so they just tag along. No where to hot I suppose.

tulip27 Mon 25-Jun-07 22:11:39


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