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centerparks holiday planning - the pre- booking activites booklet is given me headache!

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exrebel Fri 22-Jun-07 12:04:09


I have book a week at a centerparcs resort (longleat) early July.It is just me and my little 4ys dd.

They sent me a glossy 'plan you break' booklet to pre-book activities and evening events and so on

this is the first expensive holiday i go to. Usually I go to Butlins. so it is quite a big difference.

I am getting all anxious at the extent of the pre-booking that it is encoouraged. I am that sort of person that likes having a look around and then decide on the day/moment whay I fancy.

To be fair it doeas say on the booklet that you don't need to pre-book as there is enough to do and can alway book on site, but they got so far in compiling this booklet!

However, i know I will be so annoyed to arrive there and find that we will miss out on the best things because the superorganised regulars have booked up all the best places.

Has anyone got expereince of Centerparcs and have you got any advice?

lisasimpson Fri 22-Jun-07 12:14:46

If you see something you or your dd would particularly like to do then you should pre-book before you go as they do get booked up quickly. We didn't because I wasn't sure that our 3.5 year old would be ok being left. Then when he decided he wanted to go most things were booked. This was not a particularly busy time either.

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