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Child passport supporting documents

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Stardust91 Tue 20-Nov-18 10:28:25

We are applying for a passport for our baby and i am bit confused about the support documents we need to send.
Baby born in the UK, dad is British, i am not but i am from an EU country.
So we are sending baby's birth certificate and i have provided my husband's British passport details on the website. Mine isn't a British passport so i haven't given mine.
Do i need to send my husband's birth certificate as well? Or his passport details in the website are enough?
Thank you

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Mesmeri Thu 13-Dec-18 08:31:10

I am British but my kids were born in another EU country and their father is not British. So, I am guessing the application process I went through for my kids was similar....

I think you need to send your husband's birth certificate and passport, to prove he is a UK citizen. Assuming his name is on the baby's passport? That proves he is the baby's father. And yes, the baby's birth certificate (and if the baby has any other passport, you must send that too - it won't be cancelled) and signed, approved passport photos of the baby.

Mesmeri Thu 13-Dec-18 08:32:01

Oops, just saw this was a month ago! Hope you're all sorted now.

Stardust91 Sat 15-Dec-18 14:19:11

Thank you for your reply. grin
Yes, we managed to get it sorted.

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Arhm Sat 12-Jan-19 04:31:26

Hi ! I am in the same situation. Did you send your husband birth certificate ? I have send my child application but didn't send husband birth certificate as we aren't together anymore. I just put his details on form his passport number and grandparents details.
Just wondering did you get your passport ?

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