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Am I asking too much?

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RedPandaBear Mon 05-Nov-18 08:16:47

I'm looking for holiday advice please, but have a long(ish) list of requirements.

Due to work commitments we have to go away in August, so a (I shudder to say this) middle-aged couple, no kids with us and ideally we want somewhere with minimal children and really not crowded.

Up until now I have always done Centre Parcs or Florida (occasionally) with the kids, and then we went to an Ikos hotel in Greece for our honeymoon last year which was amazing.

So even choosing a holiday destination is unusual. Up until the honeymoon it was all about what was best for the kid's needs. I've been told Europe is too hot, its hurricane season in the Caribbean...

All I want is a beach, a swimming pool (and an infinity pool) and a few palm trees. My husband ideally wants some culture as well!

All inclusive was a luxury at Ikos and to be honest, if we can't have that level of service (which was completely out of this world) then I would rather go half board.

Budget - £4000 is what we are thinking of but even that feels an extreme amount of money, but then its August...

So if you can suggest anywhere amazing in August I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance.

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Oldgranny Mon 05-Nov-18 08:48:37

Butlins 😁

frecklefox Mon 05-Nov-18 08:55:23

We went to Cuba in June and it was incredible! The Royalton Hicacos in Varadero was perfect for us. All inclusive, adults only... Take me back grin

There had been a hurricane shortly before we arrived but they were well equipped to deal with it and clear up afterwards, we wouldn't even have known if they hadn't told us.

HotInWinter Mon 05-Nov-18 09:00:38

If Europe is to hot in summer, what temperature are you looking for?
Might South Africa work? It's their winter. Don't know about your budget tho.

RedPandaBear Mon 05-Nov-18 09:24:26

Thanks but no thanks to Butlins! 

Funnily enough my husband likes the idea of Cuba.

I'm really not sure about temperatures - we were in Greece at the start of June last year and that was perfect but for the life of me I can't remember what they were!

I really need to do more homework!

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HeyMacWey Mon 05-Nov-18 09:30:18

Mauritius might tick your boxes.
Not as hot as Europe at that time of year. You might get a bit of daily rain but it'll clear up quickly.

MrsEricBana Mon 05-Nov-18 09:34:49

One word - Barbados! Gorgeous place, warm friendly people, loads of fabulous restaurants, interesting places to explore by mini moke e.g. St Nicholas Abbey (rum), Harrison's Cave, Animal Flower Cave, Bathsheba, Nature Reserve (hundreds of monkeys and tortoises). West coast = white beaches, palm trees, endless sunshine (not been hit by hurricane for decades and wetter time is generally Oct), swimming with turtles, snorkelling, jet ski, Hobie cat sailing. Highly recommend.

RedPandaBear Mon 05-Nov-18 10:45:22

Thank you
I'll add Barbados and Mauritius to the list to check out as well

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RockinHippy Mon 05-Nov-18 12:32:40

Cuba, the South Sinai area of Egypt, which gives access to Petra too & avoids the really touristy more child centric resorts

whotookthesellotape Mon 05-Nov-18 12:59:10

Love Egypt but it will be roasting in August,
Mauritius is a good idea, £4K would get you a really smart hotel. Beware the 12 hour flight, it's heavy going though.
Could I add Corsica into the mix? It has stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches and great food.

Twisique Mon 05-Nov-18 13:04:57

There are companies that do holidays with no children allowed, like Sandals I think?

Stopyourhavering64 Mon 05-Nov-18 20:56:06

Been to Cuba and Antigua in August....would recommend either!
Or you could get a decent hotel In Thailand ( but be careful where you choose as West Coast is rainy season)

ArnoldBee Mon 05-Nov-18 21:01:17

I went to Fuerteventura end of August all inclusive 2 adults and 2 kids £1400 But you might want a posher hotel ;-)

nornironrock Tue 06-Nov-18 15:23:04


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