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Merlin Pass

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mclady Sun 04-Nov-18 10:28:55

DH and I are debating Merlin Passes. Are they worth it? How do discounts work for overnight stays? We have a baby as well as a six year old, and I'm working on the assumption that we wouldn't need one for the baby...

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Madcats Tue 20-Nov-18 21:49:54

Largely because DH was working in London for a while and rented a central bolthole (DD was 5/6/7) we had a Merlin pass. In our day it worked 24/7 (so, in theory, we could just return to the end of a queue).

6/7 is a good time to have one if you can travel into Central London for the aquarium and London Eye AND Chessington and Legoland. Warwick Castle is ok too. Shrek world and the Dungeon aren't suitable for the baby (but there is a nice playground/restaurants nearby - I previewed the Dungeon before we took our daughter round).

It probably isn't worth the price if you aren't near/travelling past these attractions on a regular basis.

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