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Cologne in December

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LesAnya Thu 01-Nov-18 00:14:24

Apart from thermals grin does anyone have any tips/recommendations for Cologne this December?

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LesAnya Thu 01-Nov-18 20:18:38

Hopeful bump

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SassitudeandSparkle Thu 01-Nov-18 20:20:45

I went to the Christmas Markets there years ago - busy but nice, the one by the Cathedral is the best IMO.

Xmaspost Thu 01-Nov-18 20:33:23

A few recommendations:

The Dom is the main cathedral. It’s well worth a visit. The Christmas market is in the plaza right next to it.

There are several museums and art galleries in that immediate area too, all within a few hundred meters.

The Main Street from the Dom heading south is the main shopping street. Nothing too different there though...

Kolsch is the famous local beer. Lots of different types, and interesting pubs. It’s sold in small glasses. They will have hot wine drink in the market...worth a try if it’s cold.

It’s only a 20 min train to Bonn, the old west German capital, lots of museums too. Düsseldorf is very very close by train too
, 25 mins.

You’ll have a great time. Also, that area has a lot of good concert venues too. Lots of old rock bands visit

LesAnya Thu 01-Nov-18 21:41:01

Oo thank you both! We’re staying fairly close to the Dom. I will check out trains to Düsseldorf and Bon xmas. Any food places that are worth a visit?

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Xmaspost Fri 02-Nov-18 18:14:48

Food ... it depends what you like. Most of the Kolsch pubs have some local German food options if that is you think. There are a lot of places to eat near the Alter Markt square, and Heumarkt square. They are fairly touristy, but you will be a tourist smile XII Apostel is popular Italien in that area.

If you go 15 min walk from Dom north past Eigelstein gate, there is nice square with range of food choices....less touristy, much cheaper, very nice. There are lots of vibrant places out towards the University too.

Finally, a word of warning if you are are travelling alone. There are a lot of people hanging around late in night around the station area. In UK we got good coverage of the group sexual assaults at New Years eve a few years back. Last new years eve again there were rapes in that same area (did not get coverage in UK). While I'd consider Germany much safer than England overall, it is something to be wary of.

Koln/Bonn/Dusseldorf are all nice places to visit. You'll have a great time!

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