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Somewhere hot in January...

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Mrspotter12 Wed 31-Oct-18 11:00:16

Just wondering if there is anywhere I can go to, as a lone female, for a few days in January? Hubby is not keen on me going to Egypt, Turkey, Morocco or Tunisia alone.


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herethereandeverywhere Wed 31-Oct-18 11:12:57

Have you done your research into those destinations and concluded that it's not for you?

Why don't you ask 'hubby' for his shortlist of destinations for you if his say is critical? 

Mrspotter12 Wed 31-Oct-18 11:23:41

The foreign office states all 4 are likely or very likely to be attacked by terrorists so after discussing with hubby these four in particular were taken off the list.

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Mrspotter12 Wed 31-Oct-18 11:24:25

Hubby has suggested faro in Portugal, any thoughts?

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Branleuse Wed 31-Oct-18 11:36:26

Faro is not going to be hot in january.
The canaries are probably your best bet if you want warmth. Youll probably get 20 degrees plus, although might be windy.
I often go to Malta for a bit of winter sun. Its not sunbathing weather, but it generally feels like a nice UK spring, and its very good value off season and pretty safe.

Mrspotter12 Wed 31-Oct-18 11:50:51

Thanks, I am really looking for a pool holiday. Have looked at Barbados - but it's room only. Wondering if it's reasonable to eat there.... it's an extra £1500 for all inclusive!!!

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mummymeister Wed 31-Oct-18 13:31:25

if you are looking at the Caribbean resorts then you really need to be eating on site. its not something you would necessarily want to do as a lone female - eat off site. they are mainly gated compounds for a reason. what about Florida. you are going to have to go quite a long way to find pools warm enough to swim in.

Branleuse Wed 31-Oct-18 14:24:59

If you dont want to spend a fortune, id maybe look at tenerife or gran canaria and look for one with a heated pool.

borntobequiet Wed 31-Oct-18 14:27:41

I go to Morocco on my own. Never a problem.
The eastern Algarve has been 20-22 degrees during the day and sunny the last 2 years when I visited in Jan, but maybe I’ve just been lucky.

Mrspotter12 Wed 31-Oct-18 14:43:19

Thanks all. Will go to the travel agents and have a chat - I've looked at Florida but I would really want to go to the parks and that would really impact on the cost 😿

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christravelwizard Wed 31-Oct-18 21:20:56

I'd like to suggest that it depends on your budget. Unless you find a company that does solo holidays, you'll usually pay a single supplement.
If your budget stretches to it, here are my suggestions:
1. Las Vegas for a few days - it's insane, but generally safe. Really warm!
2. The southernmost part of Fuerteventura would be warm (but windy) and cool enough in the evenings to require a cardigan (sorry, I'm at that age!)
3. As borntobequiet says, Marrakech is wonderful to visit. You can stay in the complex and not get bothered but out in the souks men do approach you. It's more annoying than sinister and as long as you pleasantly but firmly indicate you're not looking for anything, they'll eventually leave you alone.
4. Another option that has warmer weather (and despite it's location, safer than most places) is either Eilat or Tel Aviv in Israel, a real party city.

Accountant222 Wed 31-Oct-18 21:26:53

Barbados can be as cheap or expensive as you make it, I first went on a girls holiday to St Lawrence's Gap, I was very popular with the local men for some obscure reason, without wanting to be.

EveryDayIsLikeMonday Thu 01-Nov-18 08:42:47

How about Cape Verde or Mexico?

BarbaraofSevillle Thu 01-Nov-18 09:01:25

What sort of holiday are you looking at? If you want to lay by a pool in the sun, then that's not guaranteed in the Canaries, but you can safely wander about by yourself, so plenty of things to see in Lanzarote etc.

But if you want guaranteed sun, you need to go further afield, what about Cape Verde? Would that be acceptable to 'hubby'? But there isn't really anything to do outside the AI hotels.

If you went to Egypt, you'd be looking at an AI hotel in Hurgarda, realistically, and the risk of terrorism there is nowhere as high as other parts of Egypt. Considering the millions of tourists that go there, the chances of something happening isn't really worth worrying about.

Faroutbrussel Thu 01-Nov-18 09:05:05

Luxury hotel in Thailand?

Mrspotter12 Thu 01-Nov-18 11:49:59

Some great ideas folks, thank you all.
I will be at the end of a year of medical treatment so am really looking for a pool holiday, or a friend has suggested a cruise, and I think that is the way to go. They seem within my budget (around the £1000 mark)!

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BarbaraofSevillle Thu 01-Nov-18 11:58:50

Cruise seems a good idea, but have you considered travel insurance and the impact that whatever condition you had/have has on the cost and whether you can get it at all?

Is there any chance of relapse/complications that would mean you might need treatment while you are away?

sussexlady Thu 01-Nov-18 12:05:49

I have been to Hurgharda several times on my own for a week from about Boxing Day. All inclusive. I am a confident traveller. If you want to just crash out in the complex, swim, read and maybe have a few treatments it would be perfect for you as this is the sort of holiday I wanted too. I dive so that is why I go. I felt very safe and the people are very friendly and helpful and want you to be happy. Temperature high 70s midday maybe 80 just right. Nights cooler and comfortable. I thought of lots of places before I started going to Egypt and chose Hurgharda. I have also been to the Canaries at that time of the year and was lucky with the weather but usually not so good. I went to Portugal one year and was freezing and everywhere was closed and empty, taxi drove around for an hour for what I later found out was a 5 minute bus ride. and I wouldn't go again, My budget was £ 1000.00 too

Chocolateandcarbs Thu 01-Nov-18 16:20:00

We went to Cape Verde in December. Glorious sunshine, sunbathed all week except one day when it was cloudy and a bit cold. It’s windy there, but we loved it. Downside - the pool was quite cold so I’d recommend taking neoprene wraps or wet suits if you take children.

Mrspotter12 Thu 01-Nov-18 18:25:34

I have breast cancer and my treatment will all be over by the end of January - so I'm now looking at going in feb as I realised I have a mammogram in early January. Hospital are not expecting any sign of disease by then - although I won't be booking until they are happy!

Insurance won't cover anything to do with the BC but should cover anything else.

Hubby went to the travel agents for me today (chemo day) and they've agreed Jamaica is not the place to go following recent foreign office advice but have suggested st kitts. He's brought som Caribbean brochures home for me!

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christravelwizard Thu 01-Nov-18 19:15:11

Hi Mrspotter12, I'm really sorry to hear about your breast cancer. It must be tough to go through that and well done on being so optimistic - I really hope everything will work out well for you.
I took my teens to St Kitts last year (foolishly during the two hurricanes). The Marriott 5* is great but other than the beach bar strip, the fort and the sugar train, there's very little else to do, which may be a good thing.
Hope everything works out for you and best wishes! smile.

Ali1cedowntherabbithole Thu 01-Nov-18 20:24:26

We had some lovely warm days in Lanzarote during a feb half term break, but the nights were cold.

I would recommend somewhere with an indoor pool though.

Mrspotter12 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:13:23

Thanks guys!

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Nemesia Fri 02-Nov-18 07:18:39

South Africa will be very hot in January. No jet lag either.

Chasingsquirrels Fri 02-Nov-18 07:19:46

I've been to Antigua twice in Febtuary and St Lucia once, weather was fantastic.
AI resorts and basically did very little except lounge, swim, eat, read etc.

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