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single parent and disabled mom travelling abroad main weeks any suggestions?

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nicko01 Sun 17-Jun-07 20:20:01


Backgroud i lost my father 4 months ago 1 month ago became single again - oh yeh he dosnt want to see our son again either!! - men hey!! and had OFSTED in last week - the stress -anyway i am now back with my mom who is disabled wheel chair user - not all the time e.g. she has a mobility scooter at home and can walk small distances - also a 9 year old active boy - who went on his first abroad holiday at christmas with a kids club to lanzarote and he enjoyed it so much he wants to go back again but the night entertainment was non existant and now i haven't got my dad to help me with the wheel chair or to go out with if mom stays in.

so we are looking for a holiday we deserve because we all had a tough time anywhere considered we have looked at all inclusive and self caterinf caneries and caribean so anywhere considered we are struggling cause - been told greece bad for mobility -

please help


thegirlwithnoname Sun 17-Jun-07 22:17:49

Went to Sharm el Sheikh (egypt) with a DD in a wheelchair it had loads of stuff for kids and was very flat, But you must must must explain that you need a ground floor or else they will not give you one. Egypt was good value for money to.

lory Wed 20-Jun-07 14:47:35

I strongly recommend Tenerife.
Between las Americas and los cristianos, the beaches have wheelchair access. (there is a rehab center there, so they are extremely well organised for disabled). Most restaurants and hotels have slides, lifts, and you can even rent the wheelchair there. Normal or electric.
Nightlife in las Americas is everywhere and kids have a great time. There is even a surfing school for kids if your heart is strong enough!!

Wotznotreallyhere Wed 20-Jun-07 18:06:35

I have found this wbsite. The are ATOL bonded, so provide FInancial Protection when you book a package holiday.


I would not suggest the Caribbean, most of the aiports do not supply 'jetways' and your mum would have to walk up to baord the plane and go up steps to the aircraft. But you would need to check that out and it depends on her requirements really.

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