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Where to go on holiday?!

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Fashionista101 Tue 16-Oct-18 20:51:47

So bit of info. DS is 4 and DH is ginger and can't really do the sun/pool holiday. Summer just gone we we went to fuertaventura all in for a week type thing. My partner was constantly trying to find shade (not easy when by the kids pool). He really tried one day with his cap and cream on, the next day was in bed 🙈 my DS loved the pool and disco on a night etc.

So we've decided we need to go somewhere next year to suit us all (I'm pretty easy as long as they're happy). DH would love to go to the Black Forest hiking or something. Or drive down to France when cooler. Not of these are great options for a 4 will be 5yo.

Suggestions needed hmm

Ohyesiam Tue 16-Oct-18 21:00:06

It’s beautiful beyond measure and I spent all my childhood summer holidays there.
If you stay on a farm/ small holding the whole animal thing is fantastic for kids. Also lots of cottage complexes have an indoor pool for rainy days.
We did( and now do with our kids) lots of picnic, walk, swimming in sea or loch type activities.
Not a good idea if you like lots of entertainment, but if you like being outdoors,it’s really magical.
You can fly , or what we do is put the kids in the car at 4 am, and by the time we stop for breakfast at tee bay services we are half way there.

Fashionista101 Wed 17-Oct-18 10:01:42

Ah great food for thought there! X

brisklady Wed 21-Nov-18 07:17:54

I second Scotland. Or maybe Ireland? But also, if you fancy somewhere more 'foreign', then why not think about taking your holiday at Easter instead? The southern Med in April is warm, beautiful (very green, masses of flowers), and can be much cheaper than in the summer. We did this last year, and the kids still went in the sea etc (in wetsuits!).

brisklady Wed 21-Nov-18 07:20:49

Or drive to Brittany? Actually, I think the Black Forest would be nice with kids. Just do shorter hikes!

Wolfiefan Wed 21-Nov-18 07:21:13

What sun cream is he using? DH can burn when it’s raining. (No really!) But a good factor 50 does the trick. You need to apply much more than you think and more frequently. And a hat. Not a cap.
It won’t help you choose a holiday destination but might help him.

Rachelsholiday Wed 21-Nov-18 07:22:31

We did Holland it was lovely flat notes cycling not to hot and lovely pool for the kids look at landal holidays

MaybeDoctor Wed 21-Nov-18 07:23:35

I am pale and find UV clothing/rash vests really helpful for keeping down my exposure to the sun.

froomeonthebroom Wed 21-Nov-18 07:32:15

I second northern France or the Netherlands. We use eurocamp or book direct with a camp site that has pools and entertainment.

Friends often go to Hof van Saksen which looks amazing.

Branleuse Wed 21-Nov-18 07:34:52

Brittany. Im a big fan of french eurocamps for kids

OlafLovesAnna Wed 21-Nov-18 07:56:17

I always love the Eurocamp style holidays - we flew to Stuttgart a couple of years ago when dd was 4 and had a week in a Sun camp tent in the Black Forest then drove 2ish hrs to stay in an amazing youth hostel in Lindau.

The weather was warm and pleasant but not too hot and the kids could swim at the camp site. There was also lots to visit and do within very short drives.

Fashionista101 Wed 21-Nov-18 10:51:45

We've gone with a cruise to Holland! Then camping in England in summer smile

DH wears a good sun cream which helps and a cap. But although he can then be out in the sun it still manages to wipe him out.

Fashionista101 Wed 21-Nov-18 10:52:28

Deffo want to try Eurocamp though. Looks up our street!

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