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Days out from Stanmore Orthopaedic hospital

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Stanmorevisit Thu 04-Oct-18 22:07:04

DD I is inpatient in the orthopaedic hospital for a week over half term. I'm taking DS and staying nearby. She's going to be busy most of the time so looking for day trips and general activities to occupy DS (11).

Anything nearby would be good as we have one slightly further away trip planned to Gunpowder Mills. We have English Heritage and national trust but I'm not sure how close anything is. DS is a wheelchair user (can do short distances) which adds a little complications. Anything cheap or free would be good. A good cinema or swimming pool would be useful for if we get too stuck.

Also has anyone tried the cafe at Gunpowder Mills? And any recommendations for cheap eats if I'm too tired to cook in the (very basic) accommodation. Things like a Wetherspoons wouldn't go amiss.

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Wigeon Thu 04-Oct-18 22:17:25

Aldenham Country Park is lovely - google it. You pay car parking (about 4 quid). Very close by to the hospital.

There are swimming pools in Watford (Woodside or Central), and a Vue cinema at the (separate) Woodside complex.

The Warner Bros Tour (aka Harry Potter World) is also very close but obviously not free! And you should book in advance (weekends get booked up weeks /months in advance)

St Albans has a lovely cathedral, new museum in the town centre (both free), Roman museum (small charge) and ruins of a small Roman theatre. And lots of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Cassiobury Park near Watford is a lovely large park, nature reserve, canal for walks. Parking is free (you need to display a ticket still)

Whippendell Woods, again bear Watford, are beautiful and free.

Hendon RAF museum is quite close and free.

Natural History Museum at Tring isn’t too far, is free, and nice places to eat in Tring. Basically a ton of all kinds of stuffed animals!

There aren’t any NT or EH places that close by.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 05-Oct-18 06:37:20

The RAF museum always has something on during the school holidays. This half term there's an Airfix building workshop for 8+. The 4D cinema is also good.

You can get short cheap canal cruises from Batchworth

There's a Pizza Express just down the road and Harvester in Bushey.

Stanmorevisit Fri 05-Oct-18 08:30:32

Wow that's all awesome information! Going to take a proper look through later.

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April2018mom Tue 09-Oct-18 19:36:40

DS stayed there during the summer for a procedure. I took my daughter to a local pub for dinner one night time. Another day I headed to the town of St Albans with her in tow to look at the shops and then see the old cathedral. We didn’t do much but I loved escaping from the hospital for a while. Plus we ate lunch at one of the street cafes and strolled around the area on a walk leisurely. Taking that time off helped her and me. She loved the ice cream I got her one lunchtime. We stayed near the hospital.

Stanmorevisit Sun 21-Oct-18 14:25:48

Wanted to come back to this post and say thank you!

Plan is St Albans, Aldenham Country Park and RAF Hendon. I've got the other places held in reserve. A bit gutted there's no much on at the cinema, but definitely taking swim kit in case we get a chance to swim. I want to do the Warner Brothersur BDD would not be impressed if I did it while she was in!!

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