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Things to do in LA?

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schoty77 Wed 03-Oct-18 00:17:50

We're staying in LA for a week, hotel is next to the Chinese Theatre. We're stopping off on the way to Florida so not interested in any of the parks. We have done the main tourist sites like Walk of Fame, The Grove etc before. Any suggestions for two adults and two older teens?

We won't have a car but thinking of taking public transport to Santa Monica beach and the Griffith Observatory.

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MadisonAvenue Wed 03-Oct-18 00:25:47

The studio tour at Warner Bros is excellent. We did it with our two teens two years ago and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bouledeneige Wed 03-Oct-18 00:26:21

We had a car and went to Venice beach and up to Griffith Observatory both of which i really liked. We also went to Universal studios which was great fun. But the Movie stars homes tour wasn't worth it - just looking at gates and hedges!

schoty77 Wed 03-Oct-18 21:21:41

Thanks for the suggestions. Warner's Bros Tour sounds perfect!

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StateofIndependance Thu 04-Oct-18 06:40:06

The Getty museum and Getty Villa are both well worth a visit.

shirleyschmidt Thu 04-Oct-18 06:55:57

Universal Studios and the set tour is an absolute must!!

I loved the Hollywood homes tour!

Lakers basketball game at Staples Centre is good fun for all the family, even if you're not basketball fans (we're not but had a great time).

Sillybilly1234 Thu 04-Oct-18 07:10:32

Venice beach

B00dyM4ry Thu 04-Oct-18 16:23:16

The Getty- by far the best place in LA imo! I would go there just to go to the Getty!

bestbefore Thu 04-Oct-18 16:29:32

Tar pit museum if you want your kids to hate you!!! grin

irunlikeahipoo Fri 12-Oct-18 22:07:08

I stayed at the lowes hotel which is right on HB with my son
We did bother with a car either

We got public transport the bus to Venice Beach which took about an hour but was really good fun
We also did venice beach and the marina area while we were there and Santa Monica Pier
We did the big red bus tour which was excellent as we got two days 4 one and entrance to Madame Tusades which was surprisingly good fun

Farmers Market and the surrounding shops are well worth a visit

The Hollywood homes tours depends on who you do it with I’ve done it twice first time was brilliant second time crap

You can get a metro / bus pass for 7 days for about 20 dollars which was good value as we used it quite a bit

April2018mom Fri 12-Oct-18 22:47:47

San Francisco is good even with small children. We toured LA by a rented car. Mainly we looked at the local shops and visited some local museums too. One day we spent on the beach eating a picnic lunch and had dinner at a decent cafe on the street on the way back from the beach. I was nine years old at the time we went. One suggestion bring a hat. And sunscreen lots of it. Plus fruit and bottles of water just in case.

thelittlesquidge Sun 04-Nov-18 14:28:35

Go and have lunch at the Chateau Marmont! It’s absolutely gorgeous, if you fancy a splurge a night’s stay would be a real treat! Also worth visiting the Queen Mary in Long Beach if you like creepy stuff, or fancy some of their history exhibitions about the ship’s role in WW2.

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