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Portsmouth for a few hours on a Saturday morning

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Bestseller Tue 25-Sep-18 22:27:14

I'm going with a friend for an event at 2pm. We'll arrive at Portsmouth Harbour c. 11am what would you recommend for couple of hours? I understand you can't just wander round the historic dockyard anymore and we won't have long enough to make the entry fee worthwhile. We've done the Spinnaker before. What else is there?

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Sidge Tue 25-Sep-18 22:39:32

Gunwharf Quays?

Portchester Castle?

Southsea seafront? Funfair etc.

Over to Gosport and visit the Submarine Museum?

Catbot Tue 25-Sep-18 22:42:53

You'll be just around the corner from Gun Wharf Quays, which is a waterside shopping venue with lots of restaurants. It's lovely. You could go up the Spinnaker Tower and take in the views too.

Backinthebox Tue 25-Sep-18 22:43:49

If you buy tickets to the Historic Dockyard they are valid for a year, if you think you might have the opportunity to go back.

fluffiphlox Tue 25-Sep-18 22:48:34

If it’s a nice day, walk out to Southsea.

Walkacrossthesand Tue 25-Sep-18 23:19:05

Although the Mary Rose is in the Dockyard, it's separately charged for and you could do it justice in a couple of hours. Not cheap to get in, but really interesting & well done.

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