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Separate accommodation & flights for the Canary Islands

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lovingmatleave Thu 27-Sep-18 14:21:58

Try travel republic or alpha rooms. Have booked many holidays through them. Or if you find a cheap flight that way, you could always double check the price of the accommodation as well through for example the hotel direct or expedia

LoniceraJaponica Sun 23-Sep-18 23:34:04

I booked a holiday for DD and her mates in Lanzarote through I got redirected to, but it was cheaper doing it this way than directly through The flights were with Ryanair, and the accommodation was much better than they expected. I booked transfers as well. It was much easier to put a holiday together this way than I thought.

coulditbeforever Sat 22-Sep-18 10:59:35

Looking for a holiday over Christmas, family of four with two teens, do any of you Mums betters know of any good accommodation contacts for the above please? TIA

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