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First holiday abroad suggestions for 6 year old

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mtp18 Thu 13-Sep-18 01:35:22

Hi so my 6 year old son would like to go on a plane, so we thought we could try a cheapo few days away over October half term. Last minute deals etc. Any suggestions where to go though? Thinking Europe due to short haul flight, but main requirement is no great transfer time at the other end (just in case he doesn’t take to traveling). Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Grasslands Thu 13-Sep-18 01:38:19

I don’t know what you mean by transfer time, but Spain is a short flight and the country is very family friendly.

spinabifidamom Thu 13-Sep-18 22:37:22

Check out TripAdvisor. Lots of valuable information there. Transfer time means the time taken to board any connecting flight to your destination.

Make sure that you pack appropriately. I personally would take some books, toys, snacks and drinks and other things to entertain/distract your child once you get onto the plane. Bring a pen with you too.

Allow yourself plenty of time to reach the airport and relax. Also bring
spare money just in case. Are you staying at a hotel? Consider your itinerary.

Good luck!!

Remember that a small travel pillow is a good idea.

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