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Florida - ideas for a trip with 12 month old.

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bertiesmum Thu 25-Jul-02 22:54:24

We've been to Florida several times before DS came along. Thinking about going back late December this year. We usually like to stay on Sanibel and also visit friends near Miami. Any thoughts on accomodation, baby sitting etc. Are we biting off more than we can chew?

leese Fri 26-Jul-02 18:23:30

bertiesmum - I think you should just go for it! Sounds great to me. We're in the throes of arranging a holiday in Orlando for Oct 2003 (yes, organised I know!), tho' my dd will be 2.5 when we travel - still hellish I guess, but what's 7 hrs in the whole scheme of things?!
Have you thought about renting a villa, rather than going on a package holiday, staying in a hotel? I've been doing masses of villa research lately (sick to the back teeth of Floridian homes), and there are plenty out there. At least then you'll have plenty of room to do your own thing, and separate bedroom etc for your ds (if thats what you want) - also your own pool is quite usual - you could do a two centre thing, a week at each villa. Not sure how babysitting would work tho' - I guess for that you would have to be looking at hotel accomodation with babysittingservices provided.
One tip, if you do opt for villa accomodation, book it privately yourself, through a reputable independant company or similar - if you choose a villa thru a high street travel agent, you pay PER PERSON, with massive supplements added for what they term 'under occupancy' - privately you pay per villa - much cheaper. We bought a Holiday Villas magazine from WHS and trawled thru that.

MABS Fri 26-Jul-02 18:36:40

Go for it Bertiesmum , we usually go out to the Gulf coast in the spring and sometimes just before Christmas too. Would have to say that the weather can be VERY varied in December , not usually really hot sunbathing weather but hopefully pleasant, take a jumper tho ! Sanibel the best place in Florida I think, though I haven't actually found one with babysitting facilities yet. Its possible that they can do it at the Sanibel Resort and Spa but I'm not sure.

There's a very child friendly group of hotels called Tradewinds, Sirata Beach Resort, Sandpiper Resort and from memory they're in the St Pete Beach area , I'm sure you'd be able to find a webpage somewhere.

I agree with Leese about the villa but they can be very pricey outside of Orlando and sometimes a bit isolating if its just you two and a baby? (maybe its just me liking to escape dh )

Just remembered - another child friendly gruop of hotels in Naples are the Sunstream group, don't know about baby sitting but they are child friendly,tho last time we were there we only had dd and she was 5 yrs not a baby. Good luck Mabs

Rhiannon Fri 26-Jul-02 19:58:55

We've had terrible freezing weather between Xmas and Feb half term. It's just down to luck. R

starmoon Tue 30-Jul-02 14:30:40

We got back from Florida 10/07, it was our 4th time, 2nd time with Phoebe. We tood her when she was 11 months and this time (she will be 3 in Oct). I agree with Leese villas are great, we had one for the first time this time & it was wonderful, we had our own pool aswell. Def agree with booking independently a good magazine is called Private Vllas & Apartments loads of villas in there. I am a Florida addict! such a wonderful place.

bertiesmum Wed 31-Jul-02 17:08:13

Thanks to all for the feedback. I have been researching villas heavily. ds prefers it not too hot, so possible cooler weather in December isn't a problem - although it was feezing cold Xmas two years ago. I'm also a Florida addict! Still not booked but feeling braver.

threeangels Wed 31-Jul-02 21:03:48

You can never tell with Florida weather especially Dec. I lived ther for 12 years on the Gulf. Ft. myers area. Some Decembers you could wear shorts others youd have to wear a coat. Defenatley no humidity usually at that time. Wish I were going. Plan to make a trip to Disney World in the near future. Have fun when and where you decide to go.

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