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Disney land Hell !!!!!!! Melsy back from nightmare !!!

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melsy Fri 20-Aug-04 22:13:44

We returned late last night from our unfortunate trip , One of the worst trips ever!!!!! . We have been very very lucky with all my holidays in the past all running smoothly and to plan , but this was like getting all red lights on one journey , which was shame really as I was sssooooooooo looking forward to it. I should have smelt a rat when at Ashford only an hour into the holiday , they couldnt finsih the transaction of changing our virgin air mile tickets into eurostar boarding cards !! Then on the train once seated we found another family arrived with the same seat numbers on an already full train. suitcase was in 6 carriages away , buggy in another carriage and a thoroughly rude French train manager who made us feel it was our fault that the seat mix had happened. Not one of the disney "cast members" helped us move with the baby and all hand luggage to another seat. The meal in the hotel Mytravellers explorers that night was REVOLTING and at 20euros was disgusting pap. The next morning I then had my lovely lovely bag stolen with all its contents(inc my Citalopram), thankfully I had separated some packets into another bag for this exact event !! and spent the entire morning at the police station, to then find that they needed a translator from Disney , who had not been arranged, so we had wasted till lunch time in their reception for no reason at all. we then made our way back to the hotel to find that my mum had been having a screaming fit at the manager as they werent going to get anyone to come back to the police the next day as they were TO BUSY !! with my mums persistance and vitriol !! they then magicked someone to come with the next morning. They just didnt seem that interested , despite my feelings that I knew that they would strike again and low and behold 24hrs later they came back , this time my nanas bag was taken , but half the hotel were on alert, as some of them recognised the man from the day my bag went, so 2 brave guests took it apon them selves to chase them up to the reception and one receptionist snatched it back. Once the getaway car , another guest tried to smash the car window to stop them.

The story doesnt finish there ,but I can hardly stay awake to type the rest.

will check in when Im back in the land of awake

wobblyknicks Fri 20-Aug-04 22:15:50

OMG!!! You poor thing, I'm sorry things went so wrong, hope you're feeling more relaxed at home now.

bran Fri 20-Aug-04 22:20:33

Oh you poor thing Melsy, there's nothing worse than a holiday that you need a holiday to recover from.

I have to say that you couldn't drag me to a Disneyland, or any theme park really, and having heard your story strengthens my resolve never to go.

Hope you feel better after a good night's sleep.

dottee Fri 20-Aug-04 22:20:53

Oh Melsy how terrible!!!

We're going to DLP a week on Monday via coach.

I'm taking it from you that the golden rule is to watch the handbags (better invest in a bum bag or similar!)

Sorry you've had some rotten luck and encountered some horrible people!

acnebride Fri 20-Aug-04 22:21:56

Hideous! Welcome home and hope you feel better after some sleep.

lavender1 Fri 20-Aug-04 22:23:51

oh holy f--- (Notting Hill expression when girl sees Julia Roberts for first time) that's really sorry!! especially when you'd been soo looking forward to it...speak soon

coppertop Fri 20-Aug-04 22:26:54

Sorry you had such a lousy time, Melsy. Welcome back to Mumsnet!

wellsie Fri 20-Aug-04 22:51:19

So sorry you had such a bad time Melsy, can't believe there's more to tell, have a good nights rest. {{ {}}}

melsy Sat 21-Aug-04 10:33:19

Good morning girls , still feeling a bit drained today , to top it ll its my birthday today and my af just started this morning and Im feeling old & .The rest of my family went on to brittany yesterday and phoned this morning to say that it is amazing and make the explorers hotel look like crappola !!!!!!

Ok to continue, some of it was good so Ill try and add that in too somewere!! :

For my sisters 30th last week we had booked Auberge de Cendrillon for lunch , we specifically asked guest relations when booking from London , that there was a la carte and not just some crummy expensive buffet, so what happens whehn we get there only "crummy expensive buffet" , which was GROSS , thankfully we had a look 1st b4 going in ; it was all dried out and boring boring, so we re booked for an early dinner. That was the only real highlight as the food was amazing traditional french and my BIL bought a bottle of rose champers which cheered us all up no end.

Overall Disney paris I felt was a real let down , as you may know Ive worked for Disney and been going since 1982 to USA parks and its always been amagical and wonderful place.This has sereiously let down the disney magic, by the evening it was dirty , rubbish everywere of the floors of all the cafes/ fast food places and if you dont eat in the 3 good restaurants then its the same 3 sandwiches and salads just in different themed restaurants!!!! Even the parades are nothing like the USA ones. Especialy the one in the studio , as its just castmemeber dressed as old fashioned cinema ushers poncing aroud in various things attached to them with white faces and red lips !!!!!! Most of the staff/castmembers look at you like your mad when you talk to them and have this couldnt care less attitude and many a time say "I dont know". Which as an x castmember was a NO NO , we all had to say "Im not sure but Ill find out for you" even if we had nothing to do with what they required.The other frutsration was that some didnt undertsand english and with capacity being 98% english there should be some understanding , dont get me wrong Im not apposed to speaking French a little , but sometimes it wasnt easy to find what you required becasue of it. The one redeeming feature was the fact that it was great to be in a disney park with the music playing as you wander around, as it brought back some wonderful memorys . I alos enjoyed some of the rides that we went on , and thought some of the Disney studio shows were amazingly done. Overall though I think Disney ought to pull there sox up and inject a bit of ooomph into the castmemebrs, as to many times we saw them muttering under their breath when they had to clean up or do something , otherwsie that rumour that there to be taken over or shut down will come true.

jodee Sat 21-Aug-04 10:38:06

Oh poo, what a horrible experience.

juniper68 Sat 21-Aug-04 10:48:41

<mega hugs melsy>

I hope your birthday is a good one, you deserve it after this hun xx

dottee Sat 21-Aug-04 13:21:49

Happy birthday Melsy!

You've got me wondering now. One good thing is dd has SN and has never experienced Disneyland before so I reckon I'll get a lot of pleasure by her reaction.

We've took the 2 day meal deal with Leger so I take it we can expect the 'disgusting pap' there. My friend phoned me yesterday and she's been twice before (to Paris). She advised to take lots of snacks because the meals there are supposed to be non-filling (according to her) and she says you seem to get snack attacks all the time. She also mentioned she paid £12 for 3 orange juices 9 years ago so the cartons are going with us. (I realise you can't take picnics into the park but my friend said all her family got the munchies at night.

I spoke to my mum this morning and told her your saga. At least we've been pre-warned.

You say there's three good restaurants ... can you let me know which they are please?

Did you eat at Planet Hollywood?

Beccarollover Sat 21-Aug-04 14:18:26

Hugs melsy sorry you had crap time - my sis works at euro disney! Hope it wasnt her that was rude!!

melsy Sat 21-Aug-04 16:46:06

Dotee , im sorry if ive put a dampener on things , Im just a bit tarnished by the bag event. Planet Holywood was YUCK too !!! Just more microwaved but bigger portioned pap!!!!!!!

I would reccomend :
Auberge De cendrillon behind the castle for dinner. trad french food roughly £35 per head inc desert. a la carte menu NOT BUFFET. Reservation required. VERY VERY lovely food.
Blue lagoon inside Pirates of the Carribean ride for lots of seafood, any time as its like nightime on holiday in there. If you eat seafood and have cocktails expect to pay £45 per head , kids menus for 10 euros. Reservation required
Disneyland hotel for Innovations Buffet £35 per person. lovely meats, salads, hot dishes & seafood.This is especially lovely as its a character place all day so youll see minnie , goofy , chip n dale and mnay more. Go in before entering park and book for dinner.

The other "cheaper" nice meal we had was the tex mex place opposite big thunder mountain ride. chilli con carni , nachos , onion rings about £15 a head.

Im still enchanted by Disney & alwasy will be as its part of my childhood, but will not go back to Paris. Hopefully one year when I have 2 older kiddies we will go to Florida and stay at the Grand Floridian and really live it up next time !! better start saving now !!I think sometimes your just unlucky and as my metaphor before, we seemed to get all red lights instead of green !!!!!

coppertop Sat 21-Aug-04 16:48:45

Happy Birthday, Melsy.

melsy Sat 21-Aug-04 16:57:08

thanx coppertop x

Cadbury Sat 21-Aug-04 17:05:07

Happy Birthday! What a rotten holiday!

Beccarollover Sat 21-Aug-04 18:17:29

Melsy "The other "cheaper" nice meal we had was the tex mex place opposite big thunder mountain ride. chilli con carni , nachos , onion rings about £15 a head. " I think this is where my sis works Yay!! Hopefully she contributed to a nice time there - I cant think of the name of it now is it something like Billabo Bobs or something like that?

gothicmama Sat 21-Aug-04 18:23:03

Happy Birthday -

Tortington Sat 21-Aug-04 18:30:57

happy birthday!

we went to disney paris about 6 ish years ago. i wasn't impressed at all. parc astrix was much better and friendlier

melsy Sat 21-Aug-04 18:40:18

Aha becca the tex mex place is Feunte del Oro restaurant. Im just looking on the park map , which I kept as a souvenier. Im still very nostalgic about Disney even with a bad experience.

almost40 Sat 21-Aug-04 19:33:23

Happy birthday, Melsy. Don't know where you're from or if you're French for that matter. But don't know how anyone can read this thread and not say f----in' French!!! I'll go hide now.

LIZS Sat 21-Aug-04 19:56:56

Sorry you had such a miserable time Melsey. What a nightmare.

We went in May (at the Ascension Day weekend which is a European Bank holiday). It was busy and we hadn't reserved anywhere in the park or village or hotels to eat in the evening (would thoroughly recommend doing so to avoid cantankerous kids)and finding nowhere available for at least 2 hours we eventually found a calm buffet dinner available at the New York Hotel with small kids eating free, by asking at Reception.

Sympathise with unhelpful cast too - it took us over 2 hours to find someone who could tell us that Nemo wouldn't be doing his personal appearance in the Studios as it was his day off !! Recommend the Studios for a quieter life though with less queue to meet Mickey and ride the Flying Carpets for little ones. dd slept through the parade such as it was.

melsy Sat 21-Aug-04 20:15:29

Hi Gothic & everyone else whos wished me happy birthday. Just waiting to open mee champers with friends tonight who are coming for dinner.

Kayleigh Wed 25-Aug-04 13:49:53

Melsy, just seen this. Ohmigod you poor thing. So sorry you had such a bad experience.

Which bag was it ???!!!

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