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Dd needs hotel recommendation for one night in Bangkok

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bevelino Sat 01-Sep-18 20:00:03

Dd Is travelling to meet friends in Thailand and if anyone can recommend a hotel in Bangkok for one night I would be truly grateful.

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Amaaboutthis Sat 01-Sep-18 20:01:35

Ibis riverside is clean, cheap, good food, good service, on the river and not even slightly seedy.

leighdinglady Sat 01-Sep-18 20:15:09

Hotel Muse!!!

Celticlassie Sat 01-Sep-18 20:39:59

This place is gorgeous. Really friendly and feels very safe. A bit different from the chain hotels.

fuzzyduck1 Sun 02-Sep-18 09:55:09

Never had a bad hotel in Bangkok depends on what he wants to do. Just find one near the public transport link to the airport because the traffic can be a nightmare

UatuTheWatcher Sun 02-Sep-18 11:20:09

Sorry I can’t help you with your questions but I red your title and channeled Murray Head and now have an ear worm 🙄😀

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Sun 02-Sep-18 11:22:34

Yes, instant ear worm for me too. grin

MrsChollySawcutt Sun 02-Sep-18 11:37:42

Same here:


One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free


Tailfeather Sun 02-Sep-18 11:38:14

How old is she? I'd go for one near the Koh San Road as that's where all of the travellers head to. There are loads of options depending on budget.

bevelino Sun 02-Sep-18 12:54:10

Thank you for your replies and recommendations everyone. Dd is 18 and we have now booked. A big thank you to @leighdinglady

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leighdinglady Sun 02-Sep-18 15:32:26

Enjoy! The roof bar is stunning.

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