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Highflyer2018 Wed 29-Aug-18 07:53:06

Was wondering if jet2 has a rule on the size of luggage you can check in for the hold, can anyone advise,, also would you put a luggage label on your case, sorry I have not travel by air for a long time and topimes have changed, thanks for help.

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DianaT1969 Wed 29-Aug-18 08:10:00

Best to check their websiteI think

DianaT1969 Wed 29-Aug-18 08:14:17

Can't say any restriction on hold baggage size (makes sense when you consider outsize luggage includes skis etc).
Seems to be 22kg limit per hold bag. But read through for full details.

Putting your own label on never hurts.

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 29-Aug-18 09:22:44

We travel a lot with Jet2. Your paid for allowance is 22 kg. You can buy more than one bag and combine allowances.

DP and I scuba dive and generally pay for 3 bags and take around 60 kg of checked luggage. The biggest bag is big and usually weighs around 30 kg. We then have a 20 kg bag and a 10 kg bag, which could technically go on as carry on, but then we wouldn't have the weigh allowance and we have other stuff on as carry on anyway. If your bag is very big, it will probably have to go through the outsize baggage inspection instead of the normal bag drop, but that's no bother unless you get stuck behind a large party of golfers.

The main weight limit is 32 kg for the baggage handlers H&S but I don't think there is a size limit, as they accept things like windsurfs or vaulting poles.

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 29-Aug-18 09:24:49

The airline puts all the necessary labels including a big red 'heavy' label where applicable on at the bag drop.

Useful to know that Jet2 usually have their own section of the check in hall for bag drop/check in, that is permanently open for all flights, so you don't have to wait for check in to open, you can get to the airport as early as you like and get rid of your bags straight away.

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