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Booking holiday help

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MummaL24 Sun 26-Aug-18 19:41:54

Hey sorry I'm sure they're are loads of these but as many mummy's options on the matter would be great, last few years we have gone away the day they're broke up from school but always had to book last minute to wait for a price drop and snap it up quickly there is 10 of us for next year and altho baby won't be two I have been told can still book online at family of 9 with 4 rooms and add infant on I guess my question is is there a better time to book? For the year in advance as right now the prices are more then what we pay last minute

Right night price per person is about £700+ however last three years doing last minute we have managed about £500-£600

Is there a time anyone has seen that is better to book I wanted to try book early this year and pay a bit off at a time rather then the rush of last minute so just wanted some opinions of others really

Thanks in advance

3girlmama Sun 26-Aug-18 19:51:54

Summer/January sale? We get a lot of deals that way

Branleuse Sun 26-Aug-18 19:53:13

You get better prices sometimes last minute but you run the risk that youll be left with the low quality stuff.

MummaL24 Sun 26-Aug-18 19:55:07

So end of summer sales are you meaning like now time? For next summer

MummaL24 Sun 26-Aug-18 20:54:31

Ideally wanted to book this year but will wait if I can't

See we have always manage to find a really decent hotel and package last minute just didn't want to leave it so last minute this time but may have to if it doesn't improve

3girlmama Sun 26-Aug-18 22:25:53

Yes, book in the sales now for next year
Or January sales for later the same year

spinabifidamom Tue 11-Sep-18 05:38:21

Book now. That way you’ll save a lot of money. I’ve found some great deals on vacations out of season. The prices during term time are reasonable but the prices during the summer vacation are astronomical. And generally speaking not worth it. By shopping around on the Internet I’ve always been able to scout out decent deals on flights car hire and hotels in the area. I love bargains and deals.

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