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travel from greece to uk

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maureengrgr Sun 26-Aug-18 08:58:55

hi we will be arriving on a ferry from greece to ancona midday 22 September and will be driving through italy Switzerland luxembourg belgium to take the ferry from calais morning of 24 to uk. would appreciate any advice on good cheap hotels along the way...probably 1 night in Switzerland and 1 night in belgium. ....or any alternative routes/stops...try to avoid france as its expensive and boring

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F1reintheWh0le Thu 30-Aug-18 00:50:11

Switzerland is extremely expensive and not a country that uses Euros, it has its own currency. If you want cheap, do not stay or eat in Switzerland

P0ppyP0wer1 Sat 01-Sep-18 11:04:25

Don't buy petrol in Switzerland, too expensive

LIZS Sat 01-Sep-18 11:06:22

You would need to buy a permit to use Swiss motorways.

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