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Things to remember fur next years holiday..,

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WipsGlitter Sun 26-Aug-18 05:22:29

Just like the post Christmas ones this is things I need to remember before booking / going on next years holiday...

Yes, you do need to bring a big beach bag. It will come in handy for carrying crap from villa to pool. The one you looked at and then rejected 10 minutes before leaving would have been perfect!

Being a plastic cup for DS2 - if I have to listen to him clatter a glass onto a glass table top one more time. My nerves are in shreds.

Two weeks is too long in one place.

You will not use the uno cards.

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Dorfl Sun 26-Aug-18 05:30:03

You, as an adult, will not suddenly start pissing yourself halfway through the day. You do not need to take 3 pairs of pants per day!

You will not need 5 different 'dressy' outfits. Every holiday you end up sitting by the pool and don't go anywhere!

exLtEveDallas Sun 26-Aug-18 05:34:25

Buy full face snorkel masks from Amazon before the hol, much cheaper.

Use insulated travel mugs for keeping beer cold.

Wear newly purchased swimwear at home for a day beforehand (and swim in it). Then you'll know how bloody uncomfortable it is to sit in, and how badly it stretches when wet.

SnugglySnerd Sun 26-Aug-18 05:40:56

Book a holiday cottage for 6 in the school holidays well before Easter. Then you won't end up going to the only suitable and affordable place in the last week of August and returning the day before term starts.

WipsGlitter Sun 26-Aug-18 05:54:37

Interesting @exLtEveDallas I've two new swimsuits from Boden with me and they are a nightmare to get on and off because they're made of such thick material!

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HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 26-Aug-18 06:13:38

Take pool inflatables with you as they cost about £50 each in the hotel shop in Mexico!

Peanutbuttercups21 Sun 26-Aug-18 06:17:20

Bring a bikini with non padded top, so it dries quickly

Bring at least 3 bikinis

MeetOnTheLedge Sun 26-Aug-18 06:23:37

Don't take all the loyalty/membership cards etc that you only use in the UK out of your purse to make it lighter and leave them in a safe place at home, no matter where you put them it will take you a fortnight to find them when you get back.

HRTpatch Sun 26-Aug-18 06:30:11

When you decant shampoo/suncream/moisteriser etc into 100ml plastic bottles, label the bottles. Saves much sniffing and swearing.

whiteroseredrose Sun 26-Aug-18 06:48:11

Do NOT be persuaded to go to Spain in the summer. You know it is too hot for everyone. Bite the bullet and fork out for October half term fares.

Don't pack so many shoes.

InsomniaLaDiDa Sun 26-Aug-18 06:57:22

Write or amend a packing list for next time whilst everything is fresh in your mind, ditch the things you didn't use and add on anything that you ended up needing or buying whilst away, also handy for knowing what to buy in the sales for next time!

LaContessaDiPlump Sun 26-Aug-18 07:07:26

Don't assume that 6yo and 7yo will not piss themselves on the first night of camping because they haven't done so in months. hmm next time bring them extra pairs of dry pants!

Don't assume the Dutch campsite will provide loo roll, or free showers..... bring enough change for the latter.

Meesh77 Sun 26-Aug-18 07:36:56

Don’t fool yourself that Avon ‘skin so soft’ will dissuade foreign mosquitoes from biting you, as recommended by mumsnet!!!

Saymaname Sun 26-Aug-18 07:41:49

Everyone uses Uno shock, Princess Uno for us, and Dobble! Bring bikini as lovely hold it all in swimming costume was too hot!

ivykaty44 Sun 26-Aug-18 07:44:55

Only pack one washing basket load for each person. You never wear it all anyway, and mainly wear bikinis every day and when you get home you do not have more than one washing load per person.

ivykaty44 Sun 26-Aug-18 07:46:25

Meesh- I wore 70%deet and slept next to room buddy wearing skinso soft, she got bitten and I didn’t

Meesh77 Sun 26-Aug-18 08:06:30

Doesn’t surprise me. We have been eaten alive!!!

ivykaty44 Sun 26-Aug-18 08:11:46


I have a going away purse, leave the euros in for the next holiday and keep my e111 card in ( though that’s not much good soon)

itsbritneybiatchs Sun 26-Aug-18 08:12:35

Take over the counter remedies like Imodium and cystitis treatments.

Wilhamenawonka Sun 26-Aug-18 08:17:12

Get a tent that doesn't leak. And. Blow up bed that doesn't leak. And waterproofs.
And mosquito spray.

Or book camping trip for the nice part of summer and not the 24hrs it pisses down grin

Justanotheruser01 Sun 26-Aug-18 08:18:30

Best tip is have a currency purse and put that away with the passports etc you wont carry all your uk stuff with you and you wont loose the euro scrapnels which do actually add up!!

MeetOnTheLedge Sun 26-Aug-18 08:20:54

Ivy - knowing me I'd forget my bank cards if I did that, and probably come home and be unable to find my home purse!

Lauren0rder Sun 26-Aug-18 08:25:16

You don’t need all the clothes you packed or 3 huge sun hats. You only needed one.

Boys only needed 3 pairs shorts each.....not 8. 🙄🙄

Well done for only taking 2 pairs shoes.

MollyHuaCha Sun 26-Aug-18 08:31:59

Take photos on your phone of addresses for postcards - so much easier than faffing with a little address book.

Don't even think of buying those postcards abroad unless the vendor will sell you stamps too.

Don't keep saying 'I'll do postcards later today' and not do them. Write and send the damn postcards on day 2.

Large writing and a big smiley face fills afore mentioned postcards quite well.

MillieMoodle Sun 26-Aug-18 08:33:08

Don't take a 4 hour flight with an almost two year old, who doesn't get his own seat but is bigger than most 3 year olds 😬

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