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4 days in Whitley Bay

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mummyof2boys30 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:21:23

Visiting family in Whitley bay with 2 kids. Thinking Diggerland, Beamish and then beach/lighthouse and maybe pool or aquarium? Any recommendations or where to avoid. Hiring car so can travel a bit or also train into Newcastle maybe? Kids 8 and 6

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Urbanbeetler Thu 23-Aug-18 15:22:21

Up the Northumberland coast for some completely stunning beaches. Often nice and quiet too!

anotherangel2 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:24:00

I would not bother with the aquarium.

There are lots of NT properties near by and the Centre for life of Newcastle is very good.

TheMagicTorch Thu 23-Aug-18 15:26:43

Yeah, Centre for life is fab - also the Discovery Museum and Hancock Museum for the kids if you're in Newcastle.

If you can travel, Places like Cragside are a bit of a drive but lovely national trust to have a look around and it has a huge playpark.
Spanish City in Whitley Bay has been newly renovated and looks lovely.
We played Mini Golf and "Football" Golf at Whitley Bay too which was great fun for my nephews (6 and 11)

anotherangel2 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:27:01

Kayaking place in Cullercoats or surf lessons in Tynemouth Longlands.

shapeshifter88 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:29:13

Boats and dinosaur golfing in tynemouth
Pets corner / jesmond Dean.
Centre for life (has something on about robots at the moment I think)
discovery museum in newcastle

Bunnybigears Thu 23-Aug-18 15:36:33

Tynemouth park has crazy gold (dinosaur themed) a pirate maze and inflatable slides.
Tynemouth market is good for a look around on the weekend.
Seahouses for a trip to see the seals.
Discovery museum in Newcastle

Bunnybigears Thu 23-Aug-18 15:37:17

Crazy golf! Though gold would be better value for money!

Ellapaella Thu 23-Aug-18 15:46:09

Plessey Woods
Bolam lakes
Pirate maze in Tynemouth
Air museum in Sunderland
Rock pooling at St Mary's island followed by fish n chips at Pantrinis
Holy Island - go to the uninhabited side of the island and explore the beautiful deserted beaches.
Passenger ferry from North Shields to South Shields.

GrumpyOlderBloke Thu 23-Aug-18 15:50:49

Woodhorn Museum if they have any interest in the coal mining heritage.

Druridge Bay to blow the cobwebs away.

Bamburgh Castle

Warkworth Castle for a gentle riverside stroll.

Berwick and/or Alnwick.

Anywhere on the Cheviots on the way to Rothbury.

Don't forget to buy your kippers at Craster - that's a must.

I'm tearing up - an expat Northumbrian marooned in Wales!

TheMagicTorch Thu 23-Aug-18 16:05:26

@GrumpyOlderBloke Oh bless you! I was born and bred in Northumberland, my dad was a coal miner and his dad before him. so I love Woodhorn.

Also Plessey Woods is a great shout especially for the kids - look our for the fairy doors and drum set.

Forgot about Tynemouth Market on a weekend as well, the stalls are fantastic.

I forget what a lovely area I live in!! Might have to have a few days out myself over the weekend!

mummyof2boys30 Thu 23-Aug-18 18:05:44

Thank you everyone. Alot of these i hadnt heard of so going to do some research tonight. Has anyone been to Beamish? Gets great reviews tho not sure how interested kids wud be

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BikeRunSki Thu 23-Aug-18 18:12:15

Northumberland Coast - amazing beaches and lots of castles
Discovery Centre, Centre for Life
Hancock Museum


Alnwick Castle (bit of a trek)

Jesmond Dene

gingercat02 Thu 23-Aug-18 18:12:33

Alnwick castle is great if your into Harry Potter (it's the outside shots of Hogwarts) and you can do broomstick training! The Garden is beautiful too but they have separate entry fees and it's expensive to do both
Yes to Beamish, Centre for Life, Tynemouth Park, Gibside, Cragside, Bolam Lake, Plessy Woods, St Mary's. Whitley Bay and Tynemouth both have tonnes of lovely restaurant and cafes. We're really spoilt for choice
Don't do Blue Reef it's crap!

mantlepiece Thu 23-Aug-18 18:19:28

Beamish is fantastic, your DC will love it. For an old fashioned seaside experience South Shields is great, fish and chips, fairground and lovely beach. Also a great pool if weather not good enough for sea bathing.

Ellapaella Thu 23-Aug-18 20:02:16

Beamish is good but very expensive. My kids love it there, it's worth while if you're local as your ticket lasts for a year but not sure I'd pay upwards of £50 for a family just for one day to be honest.

TheMagicTorch Thu 23-Aug-18 20:06:02

My nephews love Beamish - in the old sweet shop you can see them make honeycomb and taste it. It is a little expensive but it's a whole day if you make the most of it

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 23-Aug-18 20:07:32

Diggerland is a bit of a drive unless your kids love a digger. Beamish is good but expensive for one day. Lots of amazing beaches in that area. We used to love St. Mary's Lighthouse, can't believe how close it is now I'm bigger!

Bunnybigears Thu 23-Aug-18 20:33:50

A lot of people like Beamish but to be honest my kids found it very boring, and it is expensive.

mummyof2boys30 Thu 23-Aug-18 21:21:19

Thanks everyone. They definately want to do diggerland as have been before. Thinking monday whitley bay, seaside lighthouse etc
Tuesday - diggerland
Wednesday - south shields, funfair and pool
Thursday Beamish.

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Looneytune253 Thu 23-Aug-18 21:28:16

Waves the swimming pool in Whitley is fab!!

Looneytune253 Thu 23-Aug-18 21:28:55

There is also a park/water park in Whitley if you have good weather.

anotherangel2 Thu 23-Aug-18 21:32:18

This Monday? The fun fair will still be on I believe.

Willowwisp23 Thu 23-Aug-18 21:35:33

If you're there this coming bank holiday Monday, the Spanish city funfair will be there with lots of rides and attractions.

mummyof2boys30 Fri 24-Aug-18 08:43:08

Yes we fly over this sunday so first full day is monday. Will look into funfair thanks. There is so much to do in that area. We r coming from Northern ireland

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