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Magulf - Majorca

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fairydust Thu 19-Aug-04 17:35:42

Anyone been to magulf as a family??? rather than as a singleton

tiredemma Thu 19-Aug-04 19:26:20

used to live there, when are you thinking of going? and more importantly ,which property are you thinking of staying in, i can answer most Q's on magalluf, its a speciality!

Ailsa Thu 19-Aug-04 21:27:05

Have been to magaluf as a singleton, couple, with 1 child, with 2 children and mother-in-law!

We love it as everything is close by. Have you booked yet fairydust or just thinking about it?

spacemonkey Thu 19-Aug-04 21:44:42

I've only been once (without kids) and I thought it was a hellhole. Majorca's lovely though.

fairydust Fri 20-Aug-04 09:42:18

were thinking of staying at the APARTHOTEL FIESTA TROPICO

fairydust Fri 20-Aug-04 09:42:37


tiredemma Fri 20-Aug-04 11:24:56

if you are going to stay in the tropico then you really need to request a pool view. the other rooms either overlook a residential area across the road or the next door hotel, which is also owned by the "fiesta" group called the jungla, this is freestyle property which is thomsons holidays equivalent of club 18-30, the tropico is excellent for families, has a brilliant kids club, but where it is situated is not in my opinion, the best area, its just off a main street where there is a row of bars, how old are your kids? are you going to a thomson superfamily for the childrens facilities? as thomsons have other superfamily properties on the island.
have you considered palma nova? its right next to magalluf, more family orientated and in my experience not as rowdy. a good family property is the " aparthotel aquasol" which is booked through thomas cook, this is an excellent family property. i wouldnt go to magalluf with my kids, not in high season anyway, which is a shame as it has a lovely beach, i would go to palma nova though and the two resorts run into each other, so you could still use all the facilities that magalluf has to offer in a daytime, its not really somewhere that is kiddie orientated after dark, palma nova on the other hand has a crazy golf course, small park area etc. if you need any more info , let me know

Ailsa Fri 20-Aug-04 13:23:02

We stayed at the Tropico!

Don't pay for the half board upgrade (at the hotel across the road). We did and it wasn't worth the money, VERY limited choice and not very nice either. We couldn't fault anything else. Our apartment was right on top of Benny Hill's pub, but, when the patio doors were closed we hardly heard any noise. Apartments are nice and spacious, we will definately be staying there again sometime. We really prefer half board, so we're going to go down the road to the Sol Jamaica and pay to have meals there.

We didn't spend all of our time in Magaluf, we quite often ventured out for the day, Marineland, the Aquacity (Arenal), Hired car for couple of days and went to Paguera and Alcudia, boat trip to Palma for the market, train to Soller and back. We never book any excursions through the reps, always go to a local agent. Also been to see the show at the casino a couple of times. The Pirates adventure show is within walking distance, as is go karting, aqua park (2 of them).

The kids (well dd1 at the time) loved the kids club, ds was too young but loved playing in the soft play area that was available when kids club wasn't on.

Definately request a room NOT on the same side as the Jungla if you're going in high season, as the Jungla restrict high season to the freestyle holidays.

There is also an outdoor entertainment area in between the Tropico and Jungla, although if you are going out of high season, any noise shouldn't be a problem.

I'll try and post some links for you later, I'm sure dh has some at home.

Ailsa Fri 20-Aug-04 13:24:43

MIL was quite happy not having a pool view, she sat on the balcony and watched the American sailors getting on and off the coaches.

fairydust Fri 20-Aug-04 13:51:34

thanks for that Alisa and tiredemma - we were thinknig of going self catering anyway as dh is a funny eater

fairydust Fri 20-Aug-04 14:08:27

the other option tiredemma is the Sol Tordos/Mirlos is palma nove and info on that one??

tiredemma Fri 20-Aug-04 18:56:01

thats a nice hotel fairydust, nice location and excellent family facilities, im at work at the mo and cant type much , but will give more info tomorrow

fairydust Fri 20-Aug-04 20:35:20

thanks your a star

fairydust Sat 21-Aug-04 09:13:49

we're now considering the MARINA TORRONOVA

fairydust Sat 21-Aug-04 09:14:27

in palma nova

tiredemma Sun 22-Aug-04 13:13:42

sorry, couldnt get on yesterday, out of the tordos/mirlos or marina torrenova, id go for the tordos/mirlos. the marina torrenova is not in avery nice area, its in a place called torrenova which is the headland where palma nova meets magalluf, is up a massive hill and torrenova is really where most of the bars/clubs are situated and is not nice after dark, really noisy etc. plus the hotel in my opinion is not very nice. the tordos / mirlos is in a much nicer area close to a park with swings etc and nice pool area and excellent entertainments etc, plus the food is better in the tordos/mirlos. when are you looking to go? i will have a look at work if you like. im a travel agt)

fairydust Sun 22-Aug-04 18:00:33

thanks for all that tiredemma youre a star-

we're looking at the jupiter in alcudia now want so if you could price me that up that'd be great

2adults 1child 3yrd old next yr
departing around 3rd september 05
flying from BHX DAY day time flight

many thanks

tiredemma Sun 22-Aug-04 18:42:35

good choice of hotel fairydust, ill check tomorrow at work and will be on here tomorrow evening.

tiredemma Tue 24-Aug-04 19:38:20

hi fairydust, i have priced a few up for you, half board and all inclusive, let me know if u want prices for self catering.
1. hotel jupiter 3rd sep 14nts day flight $1499 total - all inclusive(i have no pound sign for some reason!)
2. hotel alcudia- half board 6 sep $1242
3. tordos/mirlos half board 6 sep $1296
4. htl condesa de la bahia (alcudia) half board 5 sep $1322
let me know if you need any more help.x

fairydust Tue 24-Aug-04 23:24:47

oohhh i could kiss ya XXX

what time flight are the jupiter one please??

tiredemma Wed 25-Aug-04 11:00:58

3rd sept leave b.ham at 0915 arrive back into b.ham on the 17th sept at 1510, sorry i didnt write down your arrival times into palma, or departure times, its a first choice package holiday so it includes your transfers to the hotel aswell. this hotel is also right near the waterpark in alcudia, out of all the hotels, this would be the one that i would choose. its not right near the beach but the hotel does have a courtesy bus , but tbh its only a stroll away.
let me know if u need any more info.x

MMMummu Wed 09-Mar-05 15:51:38

Hello i am a mother of three and a grandmama to one and a bump.

If you are looking for a holiday singleton/families in Mallorca you should look at Agro-tourism too! and the hotels at resorts, if you contact them your self and book the rooms, then you only have the flghts to get.
Disabled info too!
Go to for info
Things to do things for the kids,museums etc..

I think there is enough info to find where you would or would not want to go???

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