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Baby Travel Wraps

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TroubledLichen Wed 22-Aug-18 19:13:05

Personally I don’t like the thought of anything that goes over the car seat harness and might make the buckle difficult to locate and release in the event of the crash (this is the logic that makes in mandatory for EU car seats harnesses to release with one red button). Why not just put a regular blanket over the child? Or if it’s cold and their coat is too puffy to safely go under the straps then put it on back to front after you’ve buckled the harness.

MorrisDancingViv Wed 22-Aug-18 19:08:55

I was bought something very similar when my dd was a baby (completely pointless in my case as it was for 0-3 months and dd was born at the beginning of a hot summer) but tbh I think they just look like a superfluous item that no baby actually needs. I just put a blanket over dd if it was cold. If you receive one as a gift, great. If not, just go to primark and buy a fleece blanket for £3

SaffaJ Wed 22-Aug-18 16:25:08

I have been considering getting a baby travel wrap to use in the car seat. I like the star of Tuppence and Crumble but I don't think it is car seat crash tested. I have also come across another brand called Stars and Snuggles who have crash tested their product. Its a bit more money but might be worth it for peace of mind? What do you all think?

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