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A travel journal?

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glitterbiscuits Wed 22-Aug-18 10:23:46

I want to buy a travel journal as a gift for a friend. Ideally something they can plan out their ideas in rather than a diary type.
It's a special occasion so I wanted something special rather than any old notebook.
Does such a thing exist?

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KaiserThiefs Wed 22-Aug-18 17:50:31

Oh yes [rubs thighs lavaciously]
Welcome to the world of the Traveler's Journal...soft leather, little notebooks, different papers, stickers, folders to slip mementos has them all!

KaiserThiefs Wed 22-Aug-18 17:53:54

Aand...if you look on Etsy, you'll find gorgeous covers and customised inserts.

Aaand a cheaper version that's got great reviews on Amazon:

Also, look on YouTube at some of the beautiful set ups that others have, your friend will love you @glitterbiscuits

glitterbiscuits Wed 22-Aug-18 20:54:52

Wow! Thanks @KaiserThiefs

This is a whole new world. I thought I liked stationery but I can see I am but an amateur.

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P3onyPenny Thu 23-Aug-18 21:54:54

You can personalise the Sukie journals.

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