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Applying for British passport for baby from outside the UK

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HarryHarry Sun 12-Aug-18 02:38:36

Does anyone have any experience of this? I applied online but I'm having trouble understanding which supporting documents they require. The wording in the notes is very confusing (even to me, and I teach English for a living!) As far as I can work out, they are saying that since my husband and I were born in the UK after a certain date, we need to provide birth and marriage certificates for both his parents and my parents, i.e. our son's grandparents, in order to prove his claim to British citizenship. But I don't understand why it's not enough that we are ourselves British citizens with British birth certificates and British passports?

Also, some of our parents are either foreign or dead so it will be quite hard to get hold of the required documents for them. We could probably apply for copies of their birth and marriage certificates but I don't want to waste time and money doing so if it's not completely necessary.

I'm going to call the helpline tomorrow but just wondered if anyone who has been through this process recently can tell me what to do.

frenchfancy Sun 12-Aug-18 07:24:26

We did it with no problems but TBH I can't remember what documents we provided.

It is because you being a British Citizen is in itself not enough to pass it on to your children. It depends on why you are a British citizen. Our DD for example will not be able to pass on her British citizenship unless she is living in the UK when she starts a family.

Penfold007 Sun 12-Aug-18 07:52:49

You will need the birth and marriage certificates of the grandparents in order to evidence your child's British citizenship. There is no way round it. I've had to go the same path for my DC. It's easy enough to order certified copies.

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