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Travel Insurance recommendations ?

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peridito Thu 09-Aug-18 08:44:31

We've booked a week in Rimini in Sept and are flying Ryan Air .This is completely new to me .

Bit concerened about industrial action by Ryan Air and also whether the fact that some strikes are taking place will be considered prior knowledge and might invalidate a claim ?

There are 3 of us two late 60's and one son in twenties .


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chatwoo Thu 09-Aug-18 10:07:32

I would imagine it depends if the insurance covers it or it's an exclusion. Try a few of the big insurer websites and look at the details of what's covered.

Jaimx86 Thu 09-Aug-18 10:36:34

When booking flights directly with the airline, you might want to look at insurance with schedules airline failure. have a list of recommended insurers here, including those with strike cover

peridito Thu 09-Aug-18 10:42:20

I would imagine it depends if the insurance covers it or it's an exclusion

Well obviously .

i've looked at one policy but tbh I find the wording difficult to understand eg an exclusion is this

Strike or industrial action existing or being publicly announced by the date you purchased this insurance or at the time of booking any trip.

There are no details of any industrial action affecting our specific flights but I am aware that current Ryan Air flights are affected by industrial action .And I can't work out if that knowledge qualifies as warranting an exclusion . I really don't want to phone them as I think it will be a lot of hassle and they'll just push to sell me the policy anyway .

So I was looking for recommendations and advice .

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peridito Thu 09-Aug-18 10:44:58

Thanks Jaimi ,sorry I'm a slow typer .

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Jaimx86 Thu 09-Aug-18 11:05:35

I would call some of the insurers that you’re interested in from the Which list. For example, my husband has just been referred for an MRI and therefore ‘under medical treatment’ when we completed the online forms. However, when we telephoned the company (Tesco) the woman asked us a few questions and a note was added to the account about the MRI scan but we weren’t charged any premium. If we’d have done it online, we would have been as the clauses are all generic.

I imagine that when you call the company, they’ll tell you that it’s fine as strike dates haven’t been announced. They’ll want to stop people getting insurance AFTER dates have been announced. Similar to how the RAC won’t let you receive roadside service for a certain number of hours after joining them.

Jaimx86 Thu 09-Aug-18 11:08:07

Whoops. Just seen you didn’t want to phone any. I do think speaking to someone will reassure you - or maybe see if the website has an option to do an online chat with an advisor. That way, you can screen shot the conversation for ‘evidence’ should you be affected by a flight, and can just close the conversation if you get a hard sell.

peridito Thu 09-Aug-18 11:30:42

Thanks Jaimi that sounds sensible .Perhaps I will try phoning after all !

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houseofrabbits Thu 09-Aug-18 15:07:59

@peridito sorry only just seen your comment to me on your previous post. We are insured through Direct Line as an extension of our home insurance. They have been fantastic so far.

peridito Thu 09-Aug-18 17:50:37

Thanks house .I'm so sorry about your holiday ,hope you can book something else .

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