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Advice please - October holiday destination?

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hapsburg Sun 05-Aug-18 22:17:51

We would like to go somewhere hot in October Half Term - can I call upon the collective knowledge of Mumsnet for help with ideas? Budget is about £3000 total, 2 adults and DD 14. Have never done all inclusive, so can't decide whether to look for AI deals at up to £1000 each or spend considerably less on flight/hotel and use a chunk of the budget on eating out/activities whilst there. Another option is to spend half or so if we can find a cheap deal, and then do a city break over the Winter as well. What do people think? The only place that just does not appeal at all is Dubai (or similar) - apart from that we are open to anything!
This money is a bit of a windfall, we have never spent anything like this on a holiday so not really sure where to start (I do realise it is not a fortune compared to what many spend on trips!)

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MrsWhirly Sun 05-Aug-18 22:19:08

How hot are we talking?

MrsWhirly Sun 05-Aug-18 22:21:21

I went to Cyprus last year, 14th -24th of October. The weather was lovely, sea temp a bit chilly but bearable.

hapsburg Sun 05-Aug-18 22:22:41

Hot enough for beach/swimming in sea - high 20's, low 30's?

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hapsburg Sun 05-Aug-18 22:23:43

Sounds nice, I will add to my research list! Thank you.

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Coffeist Sun 05-Aug-18 22:27:54

Cape Verde - warm all year round.

sleepymama38473 Sun 05-Aug-18 22:41:46


MorrisDancingViv Mon 06-Aug-18 18:12:53

I've also done Cyprus early October and the weather was great (30 degrees most days). We found Cyprus was cheap for sightseeing and car rental but expensive for eating out (or St least in comparison to Spain). That said, it was 5 years ago so things may have changed.

MummaGiles Mon 06-Aug-18 18:15:16

The Canaries? We have been to Fuerteventura at that time of year for the pasta two years.

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