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Rainy day cheap activities

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Stompythedinosaur Tue 14-Aug-18 15:31:56

Use up any craft sets left from birthdays.
Play board games.
Make a sofa den.
Get dc to cook the main meal.
Walk dog in rain with coat and wellies.
Play Just Dance

ThinkingCat Sun 29-Jul-18 19:30:26

What would he do if left to his own devices?

(Just to be clear I mean if you let him come up with his own activities, obviously not suggesting you leave him home alone!)

Could he make something using cardboard tubes etc that he could then put a small ball in the top and it would roll through all the tubes etc (like in the game Mousetrap) and come out the other end....

ohfor Sun 29-Jul-18 19:01:54

We went swimming with friends and baked and did Lego when we got home! Lol

We have loads of stuff and I always pick up crafty bits and keep stuff for junk modelling but then lack inspiration when I actually come to do it!

ThinkingCat Sun 29-Jul-18 18:54:15

Depends what you have to hand at home.
Play Doh or plasticine? Make a monster / dinosaur / zoo

Did you do baking swimming Lego and seeing friends all in one day! (Or over the last few days?)

Dressing up. Make a den using sheet and airer. Puppet show. Dancing. Indoor carpet games: skittles, bowls.

Making healthy lunch - buttering, supervised chopping of cheese cubes, cucumber, mixing and stirring of salad, pouring etc.

ohfor Sun 29-Jul-18 17:13:03

Lacking inspiration for ds (6) tomorrow forecast to rain all day and I've done baking swimming Lego and seeing friends today so want home based day tomorrow

I quite like crafts but not sure he will!!

Any inspiration ?

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