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Turkey visa

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Rubydoo18 Thu 26-Jul-18 16:18:54

Anyone know if you need one?
Do you need to buy online or is at airport ok?
Thanks in advance!

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theITgirl Thu 26-Jul-18 16:21:57

Yes you need one. You can buy it online at £20 person (it's gone up recently). Be careful which website you use, would post a link, but in Turkey and on my phone.

theITgirl Thu 26-Jul-18 16:24:20

Can buy it at the airport, but more queuing and I think it's cheaper online, definitely not more expensive. They email you a pdf, you print it and job done.

DunesOfSand Thu 26-Jul-18 16:30:35

Web link in here for how to buy online.
Also states you can buy on landing, but likely to be phased out.

ReevaDiva Thu 26-Jul-18 16:36:13

Does your turkey really want to come with you on holiday?

grinblush <sorry>

Rubydoo18 Thu 26-Jul-18 19:40:48

Thank you!
Yeah maybe I’ll leave turkey at home!

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mimbleandlittlemy Sun 29-Jul-18 08:50:25

Do it before you go. Most of the airports have phased out on arrival visas now and it is very quick to do. I always print a couple of copies of the visa to have with us but they can see from inputting your passport info whether you have paid or not and don't ask to see the paperwork usually.

Bl00Curtainz Mon 30-Jul-18 15:54:15

Went to Turkey, several people purchased fake visas on the internet before flying. You can pay for the visa at the Turkish airport on entry to Turkey

mimbleandlittlemy Tue 31-Jul-18 09:45:14

The website I put in my email is the Turkish government one. You will not get fake visas from that site.

badteacher Wed 01-Aug-18 11:10:42

Buy it online
No need to print anything out

Pyjamaface Wed 01-Aug-18 11:12:33

Buy it online and print it out. It's now a requirement to carry your passport and visa on you at all times in Turkey.

Pyjamaface Wed 01-Aug-18 11:15:03

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