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Milan or Lake Como?

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Doidontimmm Mon 23-Jul-18 19:34:50

My BF wants to see Milan but he doesn’t like busy places or city centres so I’m not sure it will be what he thinks it is! I thought about flying to Milan and spending a day but getting the train to Lake Como & staying there.

Any thoughts?

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Honeyroar Thu 26-Jul-18 15:02:11

I agree with you. There are a few nice things to see in Milan, but a day there was enough for me. Como is nicer for someone who isn't a city fan.

MrsP2018 Sun 19-Aug-18 20:14:24

lake Como! we did 4 days in Milan and took the train to Como for one of the days and it was stunning, although we did December so the Xmas market made it more magical but it is so pretty. Milan, to me, was just like any other City, and very expensive! x

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