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Is there such a map app that will work out a best route with more than one stop off?

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Notonaschoolnight Mon 16-Jul-18 14:54:19

So I’m off to Berlin this week I’ve plotted onto Google maps lots of places of interest and I’ve kind of sectioned of the city so that we explore North of hotel one day east the next etc

What would be great next is if an app or something existed were I could input our hotel and all the places we wanted to visit on that day and it would work out the most sensible route to get around them all

Is there such a thing or is there a way of using google maps to do this that I’ve missed?

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Notonaschoolnight Mon 16-Jul-18 16:59:09

Perhaps I need to make one myself

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Notonaschoolnight Mon 16-Jul-18 17:04:48

Ok I’m an idiot you can use google maps

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Janek Mon 16-Jul-18 18:50:46

You can put 'via' locations into directions on google maps, but you would need to decide on the order you went to each yourself. Having said that, you could then move the order around and see if that's quicker.

somewhereovertherain Thu 19-Jul-18 07:45:28

Route xl is awesome for route planning. Just put where you want to start and end and all the other points and it calculates the best route.

Notonaschoolnight Thu 19-Jul-18 08:54:35

Cheers will have a look

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