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Where can my 7 year old pet a lamb?

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MumScarlet Sun 15-Jul-18 13:00:49

Hi, does anyone know where my daughter can pet a lamb? We live in Worcestershire, and I wondered if anyone knows of a small petting zoo – maybe at a farm shop or a pub garden.

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Tronkmanton Sun 15-Jul-18 13:02:36

The slight problem you might have is that lambs are born in the spring so will be quite big & sheep like now! A petting farm might have tame ones though.

Ricekrispie22 Sun 15-Jul-18 17:52:12

If you go to Cotswold Farm Park in the spring, not only can your daughter pet a lamb, she can watch demonstrations like lambing, milking and shearing and can help to bottle feed the lambs which happens twice a day. There are other animals to pet all year round and you can get tractor and trailer tours of the farm.

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