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Travelling abroad with step daughter

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Lucyloo1234 Wed 11-Jul-18 17:41:49

We are going away in a couple of weeks and today my DSD mum accused my partner of trying to take their daughter for good, which he wouldn’t do as it would cause too many issues. However, as she has been looking bad for not sending her to school or looking after her she has made this story up and reported it to the police. She can not prove this as it did not happen however as we go away in a couple of weeks I am understandably worried. When we go through The airport we have a letter signed by her mother saying she allows us to take her and her birth certificate, but will this prevent us from going?

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SarahH12 Sat 14-Jul-18 16:37:10

As you have the letter I'm not sure there's anything she can do to stop you now except lodge an urgent case with the court and get it blocked that way.

Best of checking in legal or stepparenting though. You may get more advice over there.

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