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Virgin holidays - unsafe car - anyone else had problems?

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janekmumof3 Mon 09-Jul-18 10:49:35

On my recent holiday, Virgin sent a vehicle with broken seatbelts for an hour transfer to the airport (they've acknowledged this in writing). Obviously I didn't want my five year old (or myself!!) travelling unsafely. I had to organise myself a taxi in a hurry which was very stressful at 6 in the morning.
Virgin has been awful, I had to chase after 28 days for a response, they are very unclear about their safety checking procedures, and are refusing to refund the taxi as I didn't get a receipt!! even though they know I didn't take their car - so I don't know how they think I got to the airport! anyone got any advice or had similar problems? Or know what to do next, as I've hit a blank with their so-called customer service team....

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